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  • It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

    Joy and pain – like sunshine and rain. And it takes two to make a thing go right.

  • The Great Beer Pull

    Warning! This post contains photos of a double chin – my double chin, regrettably. I would like to make excuses. There are none. Love me through this challenging part of my life.

  • A Room with a View

    Saturdays can wear a girl out. That’s not including the laundry that I haven’t started. Laundry. I knew I forgot something today…

  • A Bog for My Blog

    Snow brings London to a near stand still – comparative to its normal crazy. But life steadily moves along in the heart of the city. Sister friend is still clunking down the icy pavement in her five inch heels. Bless her cotton socks. Oh, wait?

  • Surreal Life Begins Again

    The terminology one must learn to successfully navigate flat hunting pitfalls is daunting. Is it fully furnished and fully fitted or are those the same thing? The underwear on the floor – are they included? Would be the price be negotiable either way?

  • Red Nose Day

    Today I had a lovely afternoon tea at a cafe called Allans near Bond Street Station.  It is truly lovely, with a comfortable atmosphere. The patisserie was extremely busy, but the staff were attentive and friendly nonetheless.  I appreciated the inviting decor and was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the sugar.  It might sound […]

  • A Beautiful Birthday Story

    Long ago (yesterday, the 11th) and far, far away (use google maps) in a land called London, there a lived a girl who had a beautiful birthday. Her day began when a handsome prince, and an uncharacteristically cheerful sunrise, woke her. A box came. A very sexy bunch of flowers lay inside – from queens […]

  • There’s No Place You Can Hide

    I can find something nice to say about anything.  Don’t test me.  You. will. lose. Here’s the conundrum:  I just saw STOMP at the Ambassador Theatre in London’s West End.  You need to understand that I did not, at any moment, find myself searching for something nice to say.  Rather, I worried that mere words could […]

  • Slow As Molasses

    Yes, this is what you think it is.  My question is, “why?” On my way to Borough Market today I passed another peaceful protest.  Ah, London… There is still no news on the job front at the moment, though I continue to actively pursue work that doesn’t involve measuring detergent or chasing dust bunnies.  Soon.

  • Let’s Do Lunch

    Ah, the joys of lunching in Central London!  The crowds are thick, queues are long, and real Londoners never look at the menu.  You should walk in and fire off your order, like a round from a machine gun, as soon as any person behind the counter makes first eye contact with you.  Don’t wait to […]

  • There is No Excuse

    Apparently, I have not been sitting still long enough to throw my thoughts together, but I can promise that food reviews are in your future.  I’ve been busy over the last two days making arrangements to accept a job offer, in case the offer is made, which involves a string of employment verification and getting […]

  • Yes, Like Mozart

    Slightly east and ever so north of our neighborhood lies another that is host to busy weekend shoppers and pub crawlers.  Shoreditch is home to our new friend, and on this occasion our tour guide, Wolfie.  (How cool is it that we know someone named Woldgang?!)  He led us past the Moorgate area and beyond […]

  • Real Life Begins

    I never felt inspired to shop for the perfect vintage wear while living in Nashville, but in London the idea seems completely natural.  While preparing to attend a fancy dress housewarming party as Mr. Lucas and Miss Brahms from Are You Being Served?, Drew and I discovered several great places to shop for unique pieces […]

  • The 7 Fingers Have my Heart

    Loitering in the Peacock Theatre is the Sadler’s Wells production Traces.  It is an absolutely stunning piece of performance art with an urban vibe and abstract presentation.  Despite being a work of finest art it remains accessible to us all through such universal themes as struggle, self awareness, love, loss, relationships, belonging…  Traces elevates the […]

  • Any Dream Will Do

    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a spectacular event not to be missed.  Gareth Gates lends a tangible familiarity and lovable quality to his debut as Joseph.  This show is absolutely dream-like in its presentation – the detail in every fantastic element, as well as the timely humor infused throughout, makes for an evening […]

  • Are You Diggin’ On Me?

    To look upon Joss Stone is to behold someone distinctly familiar.  Sweet. Young. Lovely.  But when she parts her lips her soul comes rushing out like thick velvet or strong coffee.    You can blink, but she’s still your little sister or the girl next door – she’s standing on stage and it’s as if the voice […]

  • Mind the Elbow

    We joined a group of ex-pats and west side locals for an eight mile walk along the Thames River between Putney Bridge Station and Richmond.  Our walk was broken into two mile segments by stops at three cozy pubs along the way. It’s easy to forget how quiet London can be – or how much […]

  • Si Senorita!

    The Huddleston Bed and Breakfast is celebrating the confirmation of another visitor’s travel date!  This time our dear friend, and possibly the girl who will save the world by the time I’m rocking on my front porch, is a world traveler whizzing by to share a pint and maybe catch up with another friend.  I’ll […]

  • Fancy a Curry?

    Tonight I am making my first ever Vindaloo to celebrate.  (Brad, if you are out there, this Vindaloo is for you.)  I have a bank card for our new bank account, I have a confirmed interview on Wednesday with a great company, and (in case you haven’t heard) we have guests coming in June.  Perhaps […]

  • Now Booking

    We have added to the calendar our first confirmed guests to The Huddleston Bed and Breakfast!  This June two well-loved and beautiful people will be celebrating an anniversary here in our grand city.  I am so excited about showing them the ropes of basic London navigation and help them get familiar with our little ‘hood. […]

  • Toyer

    Last night Drew and I had the pleasure of attending Toyer at the Arts Theatre London on Great Newport Street.  The theatre itself is modern and intimate, housing the London Cocktail Club – a fantastic and sexy new addition to the nightlife in the Covent Garden area.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the […]

  • Random and Interesting

    Apparently Britain is a happening place. Thanks Taylor, for providing this link to prove it: Click Me! In other, random news, we believe someone might occasionally leave us hints regarding who is boss in this building. Also, Drew would like you all to know that I am feeding him.  Something besides icing and cake. Sadly, the Chinese […]

  • Lemon Lovely

    Valentine’s Day was more about lemon than chocolate this year.  For our first V-day boycott in our new little city, we caught up on Battlestar Gallactica and dined on London Lemon Dessert with a side of Lemon Cupcakes.  Mmm. Of all the amazing things there may have been to do in London this weekend, staying […]

  • We Can and We Did

    Friday the 13th was rumored to be a day of Zombie flash mobs at London Bridge Station and Trafalgar Square, but I have been informed that far more Police personnel and cameramen showed up than Zombies.  I didn’t dress as a Zombie or rearrange my plans for the day to try and catch a glimpse […]

  • Praise Song for the Day

    It seems that we may have sold the motorcycle; that is, our amazing friend Matt may have sold our motorcycle.  We woke up to his email yesterday morning and I think that must be why the sun is shining so brightly in London two mornings in a row!  How nice for everyone here?!  So Matt, […]

  • On the Waterfront

    For some reason, what’s hot in London theatre at the moment includes two plays set in New York (centering around the dock workers) near the same time.  We had the opportunity to see a fabulous revitalization of A View From the Bridge, and Tuesday night made our way to the Theatre Royal Haymarket for On […]

  • One Lump or Two?

    Sky News is predicting snow, sleet, biting winds, and the breaking news is an update regarding the fires that were set in Australia.  If only we could have maneuvered the weather systems to take rain to Australia before these fires spread…  I am still struggling to understand exactly why the two individuals reportedly in custody […]

  • It’s Not a Cold, It’s Aliens

    There is nothing like having good friends to cure a rainy gray disposition and the rearranging-my-CV-again blues.  Tune in tomorrow for the full report. On Sunday Drew and I wandered down to Tottenham Court Road to visit an electronics store when Drew remembered a great restaurant he wanted me to try.  We wandered through the […]

  • B Lush. MMmmmm, Yes, Please Do.

    What a strange few days I have had! The things which have given me such a fit before have started to become more comical and I think I feel a bit braver. Something has come over me that feels similar to armor, but with a sense of humor booster built in. They must have flagged […]

  • The Caveman is Among Us

      Defending the Caveman, the one man show starring well loved Australian comedian Mark Little, is a witty exploration of gender roles and social opinion.  Upon entering the theatre you are welcomed into Mark’s slightly cave-ish living room, complete with cave paintings and Flintstones style furniture.  Mark’s spear is ready at hand–beside the remote. As […]

  • It’s a Piece of Cake to Bake a Pretty Cake

    Sky news claims that 7 million London based workers stayed home from work yesterday and another 2 million played hooky today due to the worst snowy weather London has seen in 18 years.  Drew managed to walk to work this morning.  Living close to work has its benefits and its drawbacks…  I must say, though, I would […]

  • Our First London Snow Day

    The snow has been pretty steadily falling overnight and throughout the day though the flakes do vary in size and the wind gusts come and go.  We’ve seen gently drifting ski vacation snow.  Then, there have been moments of blustery snow.  Mostly it has just been a constant dreamy downfall. Unfortunately, on my trip outside […]

  • A Lazy London Sunday

    I would like to say that we went to the Chinese New Year Parade at Trafalgar Square this afternoon or to the fireworks display in Leicester Square this evening.  There was another cool event on my calendar that looked like an inexplicable mix of dance and art exhibit.  Unfortunately, I have finally admitted that I […]

  • Of Bridges Burned

    While Drew was busy today, I joined Emily and Kerry for a walking tour of the area near St. Paul’s Cathedral, on the south side of the City of London.  Apparently Emily has become friends with some credentialed London tour guides, Keith and Gordon, whom I had the pleasure of meeting.  It is amazing the […]

  • Freaky Friday

    I have no idea how to get off the phone with a Londoner.  There is a long string of “brilliant, excellent, absolutely fine, cheers, of course, lovely, just brilliant, tomorrow then, cheers, brilliant, wonderful…”  What can I say to let them know I understand that we are done talking and that we both intend to […]

  • La Cage aux Folles (and an Interview)

    Along the river, near the North end of the Hungerford Bridge, the Playhouse Theatre is home to an extended run of the critically acclaimed La Cage aux Folles. Some of you are likely to have seen the film version which starred Robin Williams (The Birdcage), but I can promise that Graham Norton is stunning in […]

  • A View From the Bridge

    I met Drew at his office and he grabbed a quick slice of pizza as we headed to the Duke of York’s Theatre.  It seemed quite the appropriate thing to do on our way to a play set in New York.  The theatre itself was the first proper English looking theatre I had yet been […]

  • Do You Still Need Someone to Play the Lead Tree?

    My heart is achy (the good kind of sore, like you have the day after a 7 hour dance rehearsal) as I attempt to put a punctuation mark on the end of this week and begin a new sentence again.  As hard as it was to hear the recruiters tell me that I had not […]

  • Blue. Blue Seven.

    I am married to my best friend. I can afford food, clothing, and shelter. I have marketable skills and an education. I live in London, a place where many people may never even have the chance to visit. This week there is evidence that more Americans feel hopeful. Although it isn’t always the most fun […]

  • What if the Mightiest Word is Love?

    On this historic day it is still wonderful to be in London informally representing the country that has ushered in great change which will effect us on a global scale.  It is regrettable, however, to be so far from you who are celebrating–or at least witnessing–the changing of the guards.  Barack Hussein Obama was sworn […]

  • What Day is it?

    On Sunday Drew and I decided to wander down Brick Lane. It’s famous for the groups that have historically lived in the area, the Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine offered every few feet, and the vintage shops and street market. The significance of Brick Lane’s history has been featured in novels and films. I had hoped […]

  • Can’t Stop Thinking About You

    Today I walked a mile to my favorite grocery store to find out that it had closed early on Friday for a weekend of refurbishment.  The Grand Re-Opening on Monday won’t be in time to get the groceries I need today.  No bother, there are plenty of grocery stores in the area, I just thought […]

  • Is it That Late Already?

    Sadly, I feel that there is very little news to report.  I have rearranged my CV so many times, and written so many covering letters, I am quite tired of myself.  I have lost count of the number of jobs about which I have contacted recruiters–or the numbers of recruiters I have contacted to be […]

  • Stuck in a Lift

    So yeah, they (whoever they are) mean it when they say “4 Person Maximum” on the elevator sign. Today my coworker, Janita, and I were heading to a client planning meeting at their offices with a couple of peeps from one of our partner companies. We had met these two at their offices first to […]

  • Where There’s a Will, There Something Good To Watch

    This evening in Leicester Square the critically acclaimed 7 pounds premiered at the Empire Cinema.  Crowds were already camped out when Drew passed through to go to the office today.  Drew attempted on his way home this evening to get a picture of Will Smith on the red carpet, but the lighting was poor. Lucky […]

  • Hit Me!

    Hit Me! The Life and Rhymes of Ian Dury is a play wonderfully written by Jeff Merrifield, and well carried by Jud Charlton (playing Ian Dury) and Josh Darcy (playing Fred Rowe). There isn’t much of a storyline or a plot, but you don’t really notice until it’s over. The play is more of a […]

  • All You Need is Love and Chocolate Chip Cookies

    While we were in Nashville for the Christmas holidays I took a trip Whole Foods for vegan chocolate chips. I was disappointed that the shelf had far fewer bags on it than I had intended to buy, but we will manage to ration them until May–or until someone visits. The point of the story is […]

  • Reconsider Everything

    While walking through Green Park today on our way to take photos of Buckingham Palace, I heard a terrible commotion in the distance.  It sounded like someone giving a heated speech to a noisy and responsive crowd–like you see in old history films.  A detour down Piccadilly towards Piccadilly Arcade led us to the source […]

  • Leaving Nashvegas

    The collection of mail on our doorstep is a testament to the great length of time we were afforded with family and friends. We didn’t come close to seeing everyone on the list, but we wore ourselves out trying.  Since our last post we saw two more beautiful (and growing) children and their parents and […]

  • …and That’s Why They Call it a Clock/Radio-

    -because it has both. I noticed a few weeks back that my hair was suddenly a different color.  It had a darker, almost ashy sheen.  I wasn’t the only one that noticed, either.  Everyone that noticed seemed to think it was a nice change.  Though I did wonder what had brought about a sudden change […]