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We have added to the calendar our first confirmed guests to The Huddleston Bed and Breakfast!  This June two well-loved and beautiful people will be celebrating an anniversary here in our grand city.  I am so excited about showing them the ropes of basic London navigation and help them get familiar with our little ‘hood.

In related news, website improvement works continue and we are increasingly excited about new features and content for your browsing pleasure!

This evening I attended a lecture presented by the Linnean Society with my ex-pat buddy.  It was a fascinating evening that started with an ice-breaker tea.  Just prior to the lecture we were witness to the induction of new fellows into the society.  After the lecture, wine was served.  I felt truly academic (in a very cultured London sort of way)!  You will never believe the newly available images available on their website…  If your child comes home with a bug research project, check it out!

linnean society

royal academy

Norman Carreck explained the history of study of diseases affecting bee populations over the globe, in the end bringing us up to speed on more current research findings.  Ultimately he expressed his view that much more research is needed to understand the full scope of the issue, or compound issues, as the case may be.

2 responses to “Now Booking”

  1. Put me down for the latter half of the first week of August, good madam!

    Also, my inbox does not hold an scgc related email from you from early february. i don’t know whats up with that, just thought i’d like you know.

  2. YAY! I just put you on the calendar… I am so glad that it worked out for you to come through my new ‘hood as you make your rounds. I admire the way you throw yourself in. And the way you’re the same no matter where you go. And the way you appreciate things. And the way you make each place your own and start giving to the community the moment you arrive. Can you teach me some of that?