All You Need is Love and Chocolate Chip Cookies

While we were in Nashville for the Christmas holidays I took a trip Whole Foods for vegan chocolate chips. I was disappointed that the shelf had far fewer bags on it than I had intended to buy, but we will manage to ration them until May–or until someone visits. The point of the story is that during this season in London, the sun doesn’t rise until approximately 8:03 am. It is rainy. Finding a job is stressful. The laundry takes forever to dry. My floors are dirty. (Vegan) Chocolate chip cookies, in moderation of course, get me ready to face another day.

I did manage to make a healthy dinner before we dove into the barely-out-of-the-oven cookies. Drew and I have declared my yummy stir fry our first Huddleston family recipe. It’s the one that will keep my kids (and their friends) at my house on Friday nights. It’s the one that other parents will call me for because their kids keep talking about it.

I am truly sorry that there is nothing really exciting to report, but I am glad to tell you that I learned a valuable job hunting tip. Resumes, which are commonly used in the US, are meant to be short while CVs are meant to provide more information. I thought it was just the type of information that was different. I was wrong. A recruiter told me that all that rubbish I was fed in the states about a one page resume doesn’t apply in the UK. He said two pages are more the standard here. Not to worry. Expanding will be a breeze! That’s just one more thing I didn’t know I didn’t know about, you know?

Happy Field Day week–to those of you who know what in the world I am talking about! My thoughts will certainly be with the SCGC this weekend. I miss you all.

3 responses to “All You Need is Love and Chocolate Chip Cookies”

  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I have not been to that location yet. I will definitely look there before I give hope. Can’t wait to meet you.

  2. Yeah, we’re looking forward to meeting y’all, too. We’ll be back in LDN on Friday. Sad to leave the warm confines of South Carolina, but looking forward to the chaos of life in London. (Kinda bummed we missed the snow, and the “riots.”)