Si Senorita!

The Huddleston Bed and Breakfast is celebrating the confirmation of another visitor’s travel date!  This time our dear friend, and possibly the girl who will save the world by the time I’m rocking on my front porch, is a world traveler whizzing by to share a pint and maybe catch up with another friend.  I’ll have to start digging up a list of hot music venues – wait.  What am I saying?!  I’ll let her show me around!  And teach me some Spanish.

So, this costume shopping thing is turning out to be trickier than I thought; there’s a fancy dress party next weekend.  We are supposed to be characters from a sitcom that was aired in the 1970s.  I am only familiar with one British sitcom from the ‘70s and I am not sure how to achieve just the right look…  Still I think it’s much easier for me than it is for Drew.  At least it’s back in style for women and I might wear the costume again.

We’ll keep trying.