Any Dream Will Do

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a spectacular event not to be missed.  Gareth Gates lends a tangible familiarity and lovable quality to his debut as Joseph.  This show is absolutely dream-like in its presentation – the detail in every fantastic element, as well as the timely humor infused throughout, makes for an evening to be remembered.  If you allow yourself to stop wondering how the cast manages to belt out each beautiful note amidst the frenzy of choreography and perfectly timed costume changes, you can fully appreciate the wonder of this show. 

Brits know the Bible story of Joseph very well and most learn the musical score of the “Joseph” show in their music classes.  They might agree that the musical is a bit more like a circus than a Bible story heard in traditional Sunday school, but they identify with the teacher and pupils in the play as they accompany Joseph on his amazing journey, imagining it as a child might.

Prior to the show we enjoyed tapas at La Tasca just off Leicester Square.  With an environment that would please a local and tourist alike, as well as a perfect menu for sharing, I highly recommend it.  Meals and drinks are affordable and we found the staff to be friendly.

Five stars for our brilliant Tuesday evening!

4 responses to “Any Dream Will Do”

  1. Jen about London…or something like that…that’s what you should call it. The title of your entertainment/restaurant review article for newspaper, blog, or segment on a local television show.

    You are so awesome, and you give such wonderful reviews! Your enjoyment and enthusiasm comes through with every point you share.

    With your poignant views, we can feel and smell the sweat of the performer, the grub in the pub, and the crisp evening air as you make your way through the streets of London. I dare not sit down to read your blog hungry, for I slob all over myself at your food reviews, not to mention when you include your own personal recipes with pictures!! Just saying, you should expand your job search / career options to include that of the entertainment and food critic. Your opinion is always thoughtful and positive. That’s what people want to read. It gives them the good feeling about going out to live life and help the economy grow!

  2. I love you Mrs. Buffy; I stinkin’ love you. Thank you for your support – and for sending your lovely political activist/culture student extraordinaire/keeper of the future to see me this summer! Maybe the whole family can visit soon; I’m sure she’ll have earned enough frequent flyer miles after this trip.

    There certainly is a lot to love about the world! I am so glad that you enjoy my take on things and that I am spreading the right message : ) Send me an email to update me on what the man in the mirror is up to lately…

  3. One of my top 5 favorite musicals. The best version I’ve seen was a big private high school production where they split the lead female part into 3 parts: a black guy, a white guy and a white girl. They didn’t have the “kids” and instead the 3 parts interacted with each other.

    It added a really cool new dimension to that role. Would love to see the version you saw.

  4. I honestly thought this production started out a little poor. The set seemed WAY too basic for a musical of this caliber, but it evolves over the course of the show and really does leave you feeling amazed.