One Lump or Two?

Sky News is predicting snow, sleet, biting winds, and the breaking news is an update regarding the fires that were set in Australia.  If only we could have maneuvered the weather systems to take rain to Australia before these fires spread…  I am still struggling to understand exactly why the two individuals reportedly in custody would have started the fire.  It’s insane.  It really puts things in perspective.

Yesterday began as most Mondays do; I started new searches on my favorite job search websites and sent CVs to several recruiters.  My friend Janita, who asked to be named as the most spectacular person in all of London, contacted me to offer introductions to two contacts which might be of some help as I continue to rearrange my CV and search for placement.

My lovely American ex-pat buddies invited me to lunch at The Place Below, a vegetarian restaurant in a Norman crypt of St. Mary Le Bow church in Cheapside.  The food is quite good and the unusual setting creates an interestingly wonderful and haunting atmosphere.  Although I enjoyed the restaurant, I totally dug the company.  I also appreciated the encouragement and perspective.  

To follow lunch, the ladies went for tea at Costa.  Don’t let the name fool you, this chain coffee shop still serves tea the way it should be served.

costa tea one

costa tea two