We Can and We Did

Friday the 13th was rumored to be a day of Zombie flash mobs at London Bridge Station and Trafalgar Square, but I have been informed that far more Police personnel and cameramen showed up than Zombies.  I didn’t dress as a Zombie or rearrange my plans for the day to try and catch a glimpse of this orchestrated traffic-stopper, so I am relieved to know I didn’t really miss anything.

I did have lunch at the Borough Market with my lovely friends and attend the Slumdog Millionaire showing at the Barbican Cinema.  I can say with confidence that impressive performances were given by far more than two actors in this film.  I hate to give anything away in case you haven’t yet decided whether or not to see it.  I also hesitate to recommend that you see it.  It’s well made, it’s a story you won’t soon forget, it reminds you to be grateful…  But it is called Slumdog Millionaire.
At your own risk, get your ticket and your Maltesers and your Three Musketeers.

(Oh yeah, Happy We Changed Banks day!)

Please note: I have been informed, by international an theatre goer, that Maltesers are best eaten ice cold.

One response to “We Can and We Did”

  1. i am so thrilled for you to finally be out from under the tyranny of those crazy bank people!!

    love you…..donna