What Day is it?

On Sunday Drew and I decided to wander down Brick Lane. It’s famous for the groups that have historically lived in the area, the Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine offered every few feet, and the vintage shops and street market. The significance of Brick Lane’s history has been featured in novels and films. I had hoped to get some really great photos, but it was so packed that we were wedged in a moving stream of people that made taking photos a real pain. I did, however, search for photos that might capture our experience. These are borrowed from 2camels.com.

brick lane one

brick lane two

brick lane three

brick lane four

brick lane five

So, what’s on the news in London today? The economy, Obama’s upcoming inauguration, government policies proposed to increase bank lending, unemployment, and which stars have been nominated for various film awards are on the top of the list. One topic that is quite hot at the moment, though, is the third runway proposed for the Heathrow airport. Think: construction of I-840 plus carbon emissions and large communities where the runway is set to go. We’ll keep you updated regarding how likely you might be to experience topless antics on your trip to visit…

Today was another brave day for CV re-writes and recruiter phone calls. The job interview on the books has been rescheduled for next Wednesday. Yes, seriously. That’s what I said: Dang, Gina!

2 responses to “What Day is it?”

  1. Shopping on Brick Lane looks amazing! Dangerously amazing, even. Your bank account might be hurting afterwards…that amazing.

    -Amy (Shaw, fyi)

  2. When you come to visit we can find out how far our budget stretches on Brick Lane. I think most vendors sell things pretty cheaply, but there are some nicer shops.

    If you have ever seen those shows where they send average people out to buy things they turn around and sell at auction you might have a good idea now where they send those people to find those hidden treasures in London. I could not imagine before now where people might find such cheap antiques and vintage items…

    I am so glad that you read the blog, by the way. For the win!