It’s Not a Cold, It’s Aliens

There is nothing like having good friends to cure a rainy gray disposition and the rearranging-my-CV-again blues.  Tune in tomorrow for the full report.

On Sunday Drew and I wandered down to Tottenham Court Road to visit an electronics store when Drew remembered a great restaurant he wanted me to try.  We wandered through the little neighborhoods on the south side of Oxford Street, eventually landing at Vitaorganic.  It’s a fabulously simple concept; a bar full of food free from animal products, sugar, gluten, or preservatives/chemicals as well as full range of fresh fruit smoothies and lattes.  With a wonderfully earthy feel, the restaurant feels almost communal.  We sampled several items, including the green curry, vegan stroganoff, and vegetable biryani.  The food is priced fairly for the quality and is sure to please most palates, vegan or otherwise.  Brownie points for Drew.  No, literally, I made him brownies.


After lunch, we wandered through China town, enjoying the lanterns strung over the streets and peeking in every bakery window.  We continued on to Soho to find a couple more delicious looking sweets in bakery windows at Amato and Maison Bertaux.  For some reason I’ve got bakery on the brain…  Perhaps I will get up the nerve to send them my CV.

Just when we thought the adventure was over and we were beginning to make our way toward home, a gentleman stopped us on a busy sidewalk to offer a free stress test.  Unfortunately, at the end of the stress test they handed us a pamphlet on Dianetics; luckily there was a bin nearby.  Run, Gina.

To wrap up the week and prepare for a new beginning we snuggled in for a slightly (ok, “slightly” is relative–I liked it) cheesy flick, The Devil Wears Prada.  Ah, Miranda, I do miss you.  And Emily, too.  Now that I have gone off to be a writer, I hope that you will manage not to eat your new assistants alive.  That’s all.

One response to “It’s Not a Cold, It’s Aliens”

  1. Amusingly, a colleague has a fetish with TDWP in that if he stumbles upon it while flipping through the channels, he has to watch it until it is over. I am almost as bad, but not quite.