Our First London Snow Day

The snow has been pretty steadily falling overnight and throughout the day though the flakes do vary in size and the wind gusts come and go.  We’ve seen gently drifting ski vacation snow.  Then, there have been moments of blustery snow.  Mostly it has just been a constant dreamy downfall.

clerkenwell snow

clerkenwell snow 2

clerkenwell snow 3

clerkenwell snow 4

Unfortunately, on my trip outside I discovered how really treacherous the conditions are.  I slipped down to the grocery to grab a few necessities and found some school children pushing snow off a second story ledge onto unsuspecting passersby.  Don’t worry, some kind gent was urging them down…

It is odd to witness the news reports of the city nearly shutting completely down.  The buses aren’t running and only two tubes lines are, one with severe delays/partial service.  Drew got to take a snow day and work from home again.  This I find to be especially lovely.  It’s nice to have a co-worker!  And he’ll have three home made meals two days in a row.  What’s that about?!

So, when one is absolutely fed up perusing vacancies and sick to death of rearranging their own CV, what does one do for a break?  I find that this site is great waste of time: CakeWrecks. I mean that in the most sincere way; it just happens to sound sarcastic and funny.  I can’t stop laughing.  Seriously, I am a total cake snob.  I mean, I love cake, but I recognize that baking, formulating the perfect icing, cake decorating, and cake sculpting are distinct skills each in their own right.  I don’t have any bones with a cake made at a discount store or one purchased at a local grocery store; I have had perfectly lovely cakes from these establishments.  (The Publix in Smyrna, TN, actually made me two delectable vegan cakes for our going away party in October!)  However, operating within your scope of expertise is key.  I’ll let Jen (at CakeWrecks) do the rest of the talking on that subject.

3 responses to “Our First London Snow Day”

  1. It seems the London blizzard is the talk of the town (erm, world?). One of the girls I work with is getting married soon and they’re going to Ireland for their honeymoon, so she’s a little nervous about the precarious weather.