Surreal Life Begins Again

I. Am. A flat hunting maniac (having been recently promoted from “flat finding enthusiast”; thank you kindly – but do hold your applause). Now those things they have said to me about Londoners pouring their hearts into choosing property is beginning to make sense… It is an emotional thing to choose the right little space to hang your clothes and your head at night, let alone choose the right neighborhood. Barbican has been my home for just over a year, but a sinking sensation in my gut tells me I am cheating on the City of London proper in viewing a flat south of the river. Yes, I said south. South, south, south, south, south. So there. And it’s southeast to boot. Please excuse me while I vigorously wash my mouth out with soap.

The west side is greener and may well be cleaner, but the east side calls to my inner artist. Besides, my search has barely even extended outside zone 1! Stick any post code you want on it – I must argue that SE1 is absolutely borderline central. Don’t judge.

And there are properties on the north side of the river that I am booked to see as well. Lovely, sweet, good sized, nice places. Close to the canals and the Vue Cinema… Trust me, I am torn. In such a good way.

It’s not just the neighborhoods that tear at my heartstrings. Those dang neighborhood pubs loom on the map – beacons of big piles of mash and mushy peas on lazy Sundays, over a game of Jenga on an uneven planked table with friends all around… Really. I said it. It’s a big factor. But bigger than that is the tug-of-war between the well planned out conversion and the spiffy new purpose built.

Ultimately, I am sure I will know the one. Can you pick it out of the line-up?

Contestant number one is ten minutes walk from Borough Market.
Great Suffolk Street
photo courtesy Chesterton Humbert

Contestant number two is impressive with the loft style- warehouse conversion vibe.
Cardigan Street
photo courtesy Kinleigh Folkard and Hayward

Contestant number three certainly entices in the could-be-a-warehouse-refurbishment department.
St John Street
photo courtesy Chesterton Humbert

Contestant number four is charming and quaint.
New North Road
photo courtesy Chesterton Humbert

Contestant number five comes in strong with a view.
Lever Street
photo courtesy Chesterton Humbert

Contestant number six just looks so cozy.
Halton Road
photo courtesy Chesterton Humbert

Contestant number seven seems to belong on an episode of Dr. Who. Enough said.
Baalbec Road
photo courtesy Chesterton Humbert

Contestant number eight does not fail to impress in any way.
Ecclesbourne Road
photo courtesy Foxtons

Contest number nine makes me swoon with the waterside balcony.
New Wharf Road
photo courtesy Foxtons

[Commence with applause.] These contestants really are quite a delight, wouldn’t you say?!

We have been lax in updating the website, but you miss it anyway don’t you?

8 responses to “Surreal Life Begins Again”

  1. Finally…a post!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! I miss you so much!!

    I think I like the flat with the string of Christmas twinkly lights! (actually have no real opinion without the tiny details of each place!)

    Hugs to you both!! Love you, Donna

  2. I’m also swooning over the waterside balcony! And I’ve definitely missed the updates, but I know ya’ll are busy (Yes, I just typed ya’ll)! I hope life is terrific… love you both! – Chelsey

  3. If you are going to betray the North Londoner in you, then the ‘least worse’ (excuse my French) way you can do it is with Borough Market, I’ll give you that. But it will never be the same again… Once a cheat always a cheat! And it would be nice to have you round the corner: Saturday morning market shopping and Wednesday night tortilla… Now you’re talking!

  4. Ah, the joy of flat hunting in LDN. If you should require any advice, I know someone who has had at least a dozen flats across the city… Number 8 and number 2 have the Jen & Drew look, but they all look amazing. Can’t wait to see your new abode next time we visit.

  5. #2! The doors!

    I’m so insanely jealous of all of your options, but…THE DOORS!

    Best of luck!

  6. ooh ooh it’s Flat Hunters International Drew and Jen style! I LURVE the one with the big door but the waterside flat would be hard to pass up too! I trust you will keep us posted 🙂 Good Luck!