…and That’s Why They Call it a Clock/Radio-

-because it has both.

I noticed a few weeks back that my hair was suddenly a different color.  It had a darker, almost ashy sheen.  I wasn’t the only one that noticed, either.  Everyone that noticed seemed to think it was a nice change.  Though I did wonder what had brought about a sudden change in my hair color, I couldn’t link it to my styling foam or the wicked awful hair spray I bought.  Then, I started to consider the air and water quality in London.  After showering in Tennessee, and styling with and without heat or product, I think I have finally discovered the culprit.  I have many well-placed white and grey hairs all over my head.  Ah, relocation to a foreign country!  Once again I am able to draw a parallel between the physical symptoms of moving (and being out of work) to the emotional journey we’re on.  I have scared quite a few hairs white, but it seems to work for me.

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays have passed; I held babies and saw friends.  I was honored at a rehearsal of the Aspire Winter Guard by being asked to choreograph about 30 seconds of dance for their opening statement.   It was a thrilling addition to my visit home.  I have made vegan cupcakes and chocolate covered peanut butter balls.  I have been gifted a secret family recipe–to be used in times of severe home sickness.  There have been firsts (and maybe lasts) on this trip home.  I am renewed and I think I am ready to conquer my next challenge.

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