Can’t Stop Thinking About You

Today I walked a mile to my favorite grocery store to find out that it had closed early on Friday for a weekend of refurbishment.  The Grand Re-Opening on Monday won’t be in time to get the groceries I need today.  No bother, there are plenty of grocery stores in the area, I just thought my favorite store might happen to have the specific brand of deodorant on my list.  It’s funny how attached you become to a simple thing like your favorite deodorant, but really, it’s a big deal.

There is a steady, heavy rain this evening (blown in by some strong winds by the sound of things at the moment).  I do hope that lasts through the night.  I could use some slept-right-through-the-rain sleep.  I’ve been just a tiny bit grumpy today.  Today was the first SCGC Field Day I have not attended since 1994.  I might miss it more than I anticipated, but who’s keeping a list?

Although today was strictly for volunteering for my favorite organization and cleaning, I did happen to notice something strange while I was ironing this evening.  Channels seem to repeat the same cycle of programs at least twice in a day like HBO or regular radio in the states.  It’s one more strange little fact to stick in my hat.

Tonight I made sugar free vegan chocolate cupcakes.  I’ll let you know how they taste tomorrow.  I might just go have one now with a cup of tea and an episode of Battlestar Galactica.  Yeah, we are the nerdiest people you know.

2 responses to “Can’t Stop Thinking About You”

  1. Yes, actually, I choreographed the bit with the couples. But seriously, if I had been there I would most definitely have blogged about it. They probably closed the station for the filming and hired actors.

    I love that we can pretend that I was there though. That was me in the pink coat.