It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

A moment of silence while you give it up for Boyz II Men….

And scene.

We are going to miss this modern city flat with its Le Corbusier influences. Its modern furnishings have given us a true taste of urban life.
living room

My little intimate kitchen has been a hazard and a haven. Cakes have been made here.

The tiny bathroom, with the weird European shower – that always reminds me of how hard it might be for my mom to get in should she ever come to visit – will always be special to me somehow. Yes, the pink toilet paper, too, Stinky.

And the view that made us feel like real city folk might be soon sorely missed, but the street noise will not.
bedroom view

This was our first flat in London. This was the place that I got the worst news I had ever heard – and the place in which I resigned myself to conquer everything I feared. It was the place where our guests stayed our first year in London… No value can be given to the memories we have in this simple brick and mortar. But I can tell you that I know we’ve made the right decision in choosing to move on.

Our offer on the canal side flat in King’s Cross has been accepted; a beautiful two bedroom flat is officially ours to let from 20 Feb 2010 to 19 Aug 2011. Please make plans to stay in the upgraded Huddleston B&B before we change our minds. There are so far only two bookings for 2010… Couldn’t you stand to spend some time with me? With us. With London. With a bit of history.

But before you come, get versed in the lingo on the website.

4 responses to “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday”

  1. Can’t say when exactly, but you know we’ll definitely be round for a visit in 2010. Can’t wait to see the new flat. Congrats!

  2. I can’t wait to add you to the bookings calendar! I promised Emily she would have her own room when she popped in for her January interviews. And I will be a month late on that promise, haha.

    See you soon!

  3. We want to come again…don’t know when, but hopefully the stars will all align in the fall and we can do a “second” honeymoon in London! Miss and Love you!

  4. A Rob Base tune once used as method to calm a teary-eyed little girl (and it ALWAYS worked!)…went on to become a mantra to a group of talented young souls each time they were about to step onto a mat to perform…now brings me tears and smiles all at the same time…

    It really does take joy, pain, sunshine, and rain to get us through and help us move on.

    Good luck with your move forward and beyond! Make sure you send me your new address!

    (those sunflowers in the beer glass always make me smile… 🙂