Tag: Deep Thoughts and Occasional Rantings

  • Spoilers

    Deja Vu. Weird… Photo courtesy Brooke Kelly Photography

  • All the Women in His Life

    I am blinded by the light.

  • Reveling

    Friends and relative strangers keep reminding me lately how incredible my life is. I have more than I need, more than I deserve, more than I can find words to describe.

  • We Will Keep Them

    I hope I always carry light and pass on what has been graciously given to me.

  • A Moment of Silence

    A moment of silence does a lot for me.

  • Full Circle

    Reflection is imperative.

  • Full Circle

    Reflection is imperative if we ever wish to know our future.

  • Tongue Tied and Tired

    There are days when my own words won’t take shape. On those days I find myself clinging to the words of others… Today it’s Chris Rice’s turn.

  • Yield

    Let it speak; listen in earnest. And then let it go.

  • 365

    He’s really quite good. And he is mine.

  • The Cycle

    ‘A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others. ‘ (The Wizard)

  • So Much to Say

    The more there is to say the more trouble I have saying it.

  • The Sun Will Come Out

    Tomorrow. Or the next day. I think.

  • Fly Away

    I am always finding reasons to celebrate, or at least reasons to reflect, on the milestones and moments that have helped to shape me. For better or for worse, this week we celebrate being in the UK for two years. If you haven’t already scheduled your visit, it might be high time to get it…

  • One Is the Loneliest Number

    You know that part in Men in Black, when K tells that beautiful girl that it rains because she cries? Well, if I get really sad it rains AND canal dwellers lose their homes.

  • The Serenity Prayer and Beer

    I don’t know who is with me anymore, but please bear with me. 2009 is still reverberating in 2010, but I think I have my bearings once more.

  • Just Creatures

    It could be loss or it could just be the time of year that has left with me a desire for a cool, dimly lit auditorium. And to be in a group of sweaty, exhausted, delirious, kids. Laughing and counting. Creating.

  • A Southern Girl Speaks

    Come on in, ya’ll makes yourselves right at home now, honey.

  • I Miss You (Especially) Today

  • The Way Out is Through

    There is something to be learned by this. Unfortunately it takes time to pass through the initial shock of a tray full of tumped over cupcakes.

  • Move Over Jack Handey

    You may not be missing me, but I sure do miss you. Some days I really struggle with words (and new photos) interesting enough to publish. Today, I just want to be counted as ‘present’ in the grand roll call. Jennifer Huddleston is still here.

  • The Caveman is Among Us

      Defending the Caveman, the one man show starring well loved Australian comedian Mark Little, is a witty exploration of gender roles and social opinion.  Upon entering the theatre you are welcomed into Mark’s slightly cave-ish living room, complete with cave paintings and Flintstones style furniture.  Mark’s spear is ready at hand–beside the remote. As…

  • Of Bridges Burned

    While Drew was busy today, I joined Emily and Kerry for a walking tour of the area near St. Paul’s Cathedral, on the south side of the City of London.  Apparently Emily has become friends with some credentialed London tour guides, Keith and Gordon, whom I had the pleasure of meeting.  It is amazing the…

  • Blue. Blue Seven.

    I am married to my best friend. I can afford food, clothing, and shelter. I have marketable skills and an education. I live in London, a place where many people may never even have the chance to visit. This week there is evidence that more Americans feel hopeful. Although it isn’t always the most fun…

  • What if the Mightiest Word is Love?

    On this historic day it is still wonderful to be in London informally representing the country that has ushered in great change which will effect us on a global scale.  It is regrettable, however, to be so far from you who are celebrating–or at least witnessing–the changing of the guards.  Barack Hussein Obama was sworn…

  • Reconsider Everything

    While walking through Green Park today on our way to take photos of Buckingham Palace, I heard a terrible commotion in the distance.  It sounded like someone giving a heated speech to a noisy and responsive crowd–like you see in old history films.  A detour down Piccadilly towards Piccadilly Arcade led us to the source…

  • Leaving Nashvegas

    The collection of mail on our doorstep is a testament to the great length of time we were afforded with family and friends. We didn’t come close to seeing everyone on the list, but we wore ourselves out trying.  Since our last post we saw two more beautiful (and growing) children and their parents and…

  • Here’s What I Know

    On days like today I have time to realize (or rather, run out of time to avoid) how much really has changed for me in the last year and a half or so.  It’s like remembering that no one is holding on to your bike as you peddle like mad down the street.  Usually on…

  • Would You Like to Dance?

    Where to begin… With a sequence of events not entirely unlike a roller coaster ride–the kind you wait in line nearly half a day to ride and get off feeling sick, exhilarated, and thankful to be alive–it’s hard to know exactly how to begin to tell the story of the last two and a half…

  • Take Me to Your Leader

    Who really runs this place?!  And why do I live in a country where I know so little about the government, its laws, and my relative role within this play?  I heard a rumor that they keep the Queen around because she brings in so many tourists each year, but I am intrigued by the…

  • What’s That Smell?

    Term of the Day: Have a jolly good go Make the best effort (usually with light and fun undertones) While I am having a jolly good go at learning how to live the life of a Londoner, I also learn a lot about myself. I shouldn’t expect any less from this blip out of my…

  • Things for Which I Am Thankful

    I am one of those people who operates best with a plan and a deadline.  I also happen to be an extremely emotional person who attaches meaning to everything.  The flaw isn’t in my sentimentality or my best laid plans–it’s in the crying and pouting that ensues when Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t go as planned.  The…

  • Strange New Day

    Last night Drew worked well into the evening and he’s fighting a cold, so we snuggled a few extra minutes this morning.  He had decided to go late to the office if he woke up feeling as lousy as he did yesterday.  Though he didn’t sleep very much later than usual, it felt strange to make…

  • Simple Tips for an Easier Life

    As today was such a whirlwind, you will be treated to an excerpt from the draft of my upcoming book, under the working title I Still Need to Get the Copyright on This Stinking Book Title. I do hope you enjoy.   For the love of all things good in the world, pick one brand…

  • That Is a Cuss Word Where I Come From

    If Lelan Statom (my favorite meteorologist, and the sole reason I watched News Channel Five) said the word “snow” in his forecast, within four hours grocery stores ran out of bread, milk, eggs, batteries, gallons of water, and Swiss Miss.  If the lovely Carol Kirkwood, BBC weather presenter, mentions snow it’s considered a horrible slight…

  • Stylin’

    Word of the Day: Brolly umbrella (slang) I have a weekly run to the post office on Mondays; it’s always packed.  What was so special about today’s trip was that there may have been a Senior Citizen’s Center meeting to have just let out ’round the corner.  If you know me, you know I quite adore…

  • We’re not in Kansas anymore

    Simple things, like eating a meal out somewhere, have become something of anxiety producing process.  Each time I consider where to eat I feel my heart beating a bit faster.  How much does a sandwich cost here?  Do I order at the counter? Am I supposed to leave a tip?  Do I really want to…

  • Expats in London

    In this issue of Expats in London: ‘Sweet and Spicy’ 30 Minute Meal recipe #2, from the “Accidentally Yummy” collection A Newcomer’s Experience at International Banking House-Hunting Tips and Trends What’s Hot and What’s Wrong with this Picture Stereotype Myths: Real or Old School Hype? Letter from the Editor Thanks to all of our devout…

  • My First Really Good Day in London

    As I sit in a coffee shop near my new home with cup of hot chocolate in my hands, I can feel the vibration of a train passing underneath me for the first time in the 13 days I have been in London. The sensation is a novel experience–a reminder that I am really here.…

  • The Saturday Evening Post

    After a very full week of emotionally and mentally exhausting work, we ponder what to do with our night.  The evening has passed already, but the streets are still full with people and the restaurants will be serving for hours…  It’s Saturday night–we should be tearing up the town–but we’re very tired.  We’ll definitely eat.…