The Way Out is Through

There is something to be learned by this. Unfortunately it takes time to pass through the initial shock of a tray full of tumped over cupcakes.

tumped cupcakes

I owe you a lot of words. Specifically, I should tell you about Thanksgiving and fireworks. You might also like to hear about flat hunting or the personality of London boroughs and neighborhoods. Possibly, you are wondering what the weather is like. A few of you might care to know more about the inner workings of the healthcare system. Today is not the day for any of these things. I do apologize.

All I can muster is the strength to exclaim that great change is underway. Let your mind run wild with the following analogy: Drew and I are in the back of a manual transmission taxi which is rushing to an unknown destination. Someone is dressing me (without having been asked) and gives little instruction so that I might help – and I am being asked to give the driver directions while icing a three tiered wedding cake in my lap. Drew has been given the task of cutting perfect strings of snow angels from the tiniest origami paper while also learning how to juggle using only his elbows. All the while, we are required to maintain a conversation with each other if we are not in physical contact.

Yeah, I laugh picturing this, too. But it is really how I feel.

I’ll get to work gathering photos and videos for those updates. Don’t you worry, I have not let 2009 knock me out for the final count, though I may confess that it has stripped me nearly naked and left me upside down. Please don’t attempt to picture that.

Love each other.

When you visit the website, it gives me a warm fuzzy.

9 responses to “The Way Out is Through”

  1. i love this story. and the way it is told…and i miss both of you. and man, what a cool ass site (drew, you are knockin it down…) hope all is well, see you guys soon!

  2. You know how naive I am..(I believed when you said you had been cast in Doctor Who)..for a minute there I thought you were trying to tell us, without telling us, that you and Drew were in the middle of filming The Amazing Race!! 😉

  3. Wait… you weren’t given a part on Dr. Who??? WHY then am I constantly glued to BBC America at 2 AM?!!??!? Oh yes, right… my crush on David Tennant…. of course.

    Frankly, I’m glad that you’re too busy to write becuase it’s finals week, and I’m too busy to read your blog anyway! So there!

    Can’t wait to see you!

  4. I have often wondered if this is a movie that someone else is watching. Though, I am pretty sure it isn’t because there no music at the epic moments… Love you.