So Much to Say

The more there is to say the more trouble I have saying it. All the words about all the meaningful moments, those that are beautiful and those that break our hearts, get tangled together. I have wanted to tell you everything–-it just seemed so disrespectful to recount to you all the sunny days in October as if the sun shines everywhere at once…

Drew’s Granny Young is very ill. My sister was in London visiting when we got a call to let us know that Granny had been admitted to the hospital and another call to say that she was being discharged, weak and tired. It was a bit like waking suddenly from a deep sleep in which I was dreaming a lovely dream.

We all flew home–Drew, Donna, and me. And then Drew and I came tearfully back to a colder London. (That part you know.) While we carry on here, Granny is hanging in there. Some of her days are better than others, but she has some stories still to tell… She is looking forward to Christmas and so are we.

Granny isn’t the only one holding my heart for ransom. My heart is traipsing around the US, sitting in turns with the people I love; sometimes I even suspect it is in more place than one at any given moment. She’s tricksy like that.

The point is that we will resume normal programming here on the blog, but I’d like to be clear: real life continues with the serious things mixed in, even when I don’t mention it. And we couldn’t make it without you.

One response to “So Much to Say”

  1. I am glad Drew’s Granny is feeling better. Though I am sorry to hear that your lovely dream was cut short abruptly. That was such a good description of it by the way. I do so enjoy your words my dear. I wish that pond wasn’t so vast and I could pop in and have tea and cupcakes with you. All my love