Just Creatures

Creation sheds light; it draws what is human out of us, reflecting it back. It heals and it hurts, but it hurts so good. Creation, in force or in action, carries us forward. It gives insight into new ways of being. Creation is sexy.

(Creation is fruity, if you will.)

spraying hands

i heart tea
(Yeah, me too buddy.)

charcoal hands

wrist splint hands

hula hoop

supplies from higher

graffiti art

painting the town

painting hand

drew's hands
This last pair of hands makes my heart pound and my palms sweaty. Among other things. I am gonna create amazing things with the owner of these hands.

That wasn’t my point was it? No. (And yes.)

Do it, make it, shout it, be it, sing it, raise it, shake it, live it, have it, throw it, soothe it, shape it, give it, get it out. Set it free.

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