That Is a Cuss Word Where I Come From

If Lelan Statom (my favorite meteorologist, and the sole reason I watched News Channel Five) said the word “snow” in his forecast, within four hours grocery stores ran out of bread, milk, eggs, batteries, gallons of water, and Swiss Miss.  If the lovely Carol Kirkwood, BBC weather presenter, mentions snow it’s considered a horrible slight to the dreams of young children all over London.  It may snow elsewhere on this island, but people actually laughed at me when I asked if it ever snowed here in the city.

I only bring up this controversial issue because I was innocently walking down the street today, thinking about my new trainers and the way that some of the leaves have still clung to their trees, when a mother leaned over to her child and said that she heard it might snow on Sunday.  I began to walk very slowly indeed.  The grocery store was behind me; I helplessly began to run through our kitchen contents in my mind before I decided not to give in to the Tennessee Storm Terror Sickness.

I had more important things to worry about.  There is an after work party for Drew’s boss who’s been promoted to a position overseas and I needed a card and chocolate.  For the boss.  Not for my too-big-for-the-black-suit-pants arse.  Anyway, as I was picking out truffles, the lady at Thornton’s asked me if I had ever tried their specialty chocolates; I hadn’t.  That is, I had not tried their truffles until she handed me one to sample.  (I swear, chocolate is out to get me.)  Thornton’s does in fact have yummy chocolate.  Very yummy chocolate. I do not, however, endorse this as a vegan friendly product. Just be aware.

The calories from the truffle may have been burned off when I found out that I have been invited back for a second interview!  It’s Tuesday at 2:30pm.  You’ll just be starting your day as I am rushing around, but maybe you can sip your morning beverage and think of me.  While you are at it, imagine that I am slightly taller and thinnish with a fantastic smile.  That should do the trick!

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  1. Thanks, glad to have you reading.

    My wife and I run this blog mainly to keep friends and family informed about our lives after having just relocated to London with my position as Senior Designer with Ticketmaster’s new business, “echo Europe.” So to answer your question, it is actually a bit of both. I designed the header myself but it is also professionally done, kinda. 🙂