Things for Which I Am Thankful

I am one of those people who operates best with a plan and a deadline.  I also happen to be an extremely emotional person who attaches meaning to everything.  The flaw isn’t in my sentimentality or my best laid plans–it’s in the crying and pouting that ensues when Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t go as planned.  The short story is that canned pumpkin is not widely available, if at all, in the UK.  I do not even know how to begin to cook a real one and I have not yet seen a pumpkin in a grocery store…  It is also hard to locate canned, whole black beans or cilantro, but I shouldn’t be surprised by that.

Through these and other complications, I am so thankful that my husband (who had to work on this holiday) is easy going and has a great sense of humor.  He didn’t mind our make shift dinner of home made guacamole, yummy black bean dip, and random leftovers.  He politely ate the little chocolate (plan b) cakes that I overcooked while talking on the phone to family overseas.  That’s my man.  And he’s a good after dinner snuggler, too.

The truth is that am blessed to be sharing my life with my very best friend.  I am reminded by current events that today is just another day in the grand scheme of things–terrorists attack on Thanksgiving, too.  People all over the world are far from their families for reasons beyond their own choosing; I have made a choice to be an ocean away from my family, but at least I had the freedom and opportunity to make that choice.  I promise that I don’t miss you any less just because I am resolved to enjoy my life in London.  I may, however, be on my way to gaining a truer and deeper respect for this global society as I consider my comfy traditions and full-bellied celebrations.  I wasn’t sure when the day started what I would have on my list besides the standard fare, but in the end, I am thankful for this awesome chance we have to be broken and sent through the fire.  We must surely be amazed at the transformation we see on the other side.