We Will Keep Them

I can’t seem to put the right words in place to mark the day and I can’t think of any I’d like to borrow either. I am 4000 miles away from where I feel I ought to be and yet spent moments of the day completely present on an island which doesn’t really exist. On purpose I filled the day with distractions and the warmth of friendship, but the moment has come that I am alone with my thoughts.

red flower for granny

You are here. You are all here. Slowly the miles melt away; if I close my eyes I know I am sitting next to you.

Together we will keep the loved ones we’ve lost alive in the world.


3 responses to “We Will Keep Them”

  1. Everyone here asked about you……and missed you and sent love to you. Does that make you feel warm and fuzzy?? Or further away?

    Did Drew get to tell you about the parade??
    WELL>>>>> we parked on one of the streets off the square near the funeral home. As we were getting out of the car, two people were setting up their camp chairs on the side of the road. WOW< I said, Livingston is a great town! They have parades to celebrate people going "HOME"!!
    BTW, it was the homecoming parade!! OH, well…. it was a lovely thought ~ Granny Young sure did deserve a parade!!

    Love you times a million……
    ps. the cake is giving me heartburn so don't feel sorry that I didn't share it with you.

  2. Love you all! I know it’s hard to be far away from your hurting loved ones, but I’m sure they feel your love and concern as if you were right next to them. Keeping you all in my prayers!

  3. Even though a day slips into many, you and Drew are always in our thoughts. Many thoughts, many days…Love and hugs to you guys!