My First Really Good Day in London

As I sit in a coffee shop near my new home with cup of hot chocolate in my hands, I can feel the vibration of a train passing underneath me for the first time in the 13 days I have been in London. The sensation is a novel experience–a reminder that I am really here.  I wonder where the people are going on a Friday, midday.  The weather is chilly with a good bit of sun, despite the assurance of a cold and gloomy forecast by the folks back home.  Sitting here, looking out this big picture window, it stuns me– the juxtaposition of new and old.  Although I feel extremely inspired to write, the stimulus of the surroundings demands my complete attention and it is all I can do to melt into it.  The sensation is foreign and familiar at the same time.  Traditions and social order are completely cultural, but we all seem to be more the same than we are different.  Every person passing on the street is loved by another someone.  All the people I lay eyes on are living the human experience; we’re all sort of working out why we are here and trying to enjoy the connections we make until we figure it out.  Beyond just making my way around the city, I am making a big step toward living globally–with a better awareness of how each of us fits in the puzzle.


I love you.  I miss you.  I can’t wait to see you.

2 responses to “My First Really Good Day in London”

  1. 68 days here…….67 days there – until Christmas Eve!

    It’s wonderful to hear that you are finally able to enjoy yourself.
    Savor every morsel…………donna