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  • Fly Away

    I am always finding reasons to celebrate, or at least reasons to reflect, on the milestones and moments that have helped to shape me. For better or for worse, this week we celebrate being in the UK for two years. If you haven’t already scheduled your visit, it might be high time to get it in the books!

  • Ah, London

    This is where Londoners meet. This is where Londoners have fish ‘n’ ships on Fridays. I wonder if Donna eats fish ‘n’ chips…

  • One Is the Loneliest Number

    You know that part in Men in Black, when K tells that beautiful girl that it rains because she cries? Well, if I get really sad it rains AND canal dwellers lose their homes.

  • The Serenity Prayer and Beer

    I don’t know who is with me anymore, but please bear with me. 2009 is still reverberating in 2010, but I think I have my bearings once more.

  • Stand by Me

    On today’s episode we explore the wonders of a special word starting with the letter ‘s’.

  • Show Me the Money!

    When the United Kingdom joined the European Union (EU), it was the only country to keep its own currency. Some members of the EU consider this a serious controversy. (Except ‘controversy’ sounds a bit silly when a Brit says it, if I do say so m’self.) Well, it seems that the UK is sticking to […]

  • A Different Kind of Mallrat

    Being a true blood American, I struggled to function in the London shopping scene upon our arrival. I could write a dissertation on the link between the downfall of society and its relationship to high street shopping, with an emphasis on knowing-what-one-thing-you-want vs the effort it takes to get that thing in an environment that […]

  • Let Them Eat Cake

    My mom used to tell me that everyone should have cake on their birthday. Now I think everyone should have cake on HER birthday.

  • Southern Belle in London

    Look at us. Who knew all those years ago that we would be sitting in Fortnum and Mason drinking tea?! We have come a long way since blue jello.

  • Thames Festival, Signing Off

    We apologise for the delay. Hard drive go boom. Speaking of ‘boom’, read on.

  • Thanksgiving, Lord Mayor’s Style

    For as long as I live in London, I will feast on the bridge. Happily ever after.

  • The Story of the Blackcurrant Mess

    There are some simple things in life we can all agree on, like desserts with ‘mess’ in their name.

  • Defying Gravity

    He’s working hard for my money. And I am hardly working.

  • What is This Feeling?

    I would not like to compare WICKED to any other passing fad, but for a long time I tried to avoid expectation for this show until I could make my own (unbiased) assessment. It’s finally here. I might be the last person on Earth to see it, but at least I am no longer the only person who hasn’t.

  • Smitten

    New friends, great food, lazy Sunday hang. Again please.

  • Surf and Sun

    Tumbleweeds drift though deserted school streets and echoes can be heard in the underground stations across the city. August is witness to the Exodus. Summer holidays. Every last family in London with small to medium children remaining in the city last Thursday morning, took an Easyjet flight from Luton to somewhere. It is no wonder […]

  • Just Creatures

    It could be loss or it could just be the time of year that has left with me a desire for a cool, dimly lit auditorium. And to be in a group of sweaty, exhausted, delirious, kids. Laughing and counting. Creating.

  • Will Make Cake for No Reason

    The question is the point. I think. I hope. And something about not taking everything so seriously…

  • Man, Are My Arms Tired…

    Singapore Airlines, business class? Yes. Thank you, I will have a main course of Singapore and a side of Taiping, Malaysia. With sun, humidity, and rain on the side. Oh, Singapore already comes with humidity? Ok, well, you can leave the extra off then.

  • Where in the World is Gina [Sandiego]?

    With no idea what to expect, I boarded the plane. Now there are few words that can capture the affect this trip had on me.

  • Windsor

    When the queen asks you ’round for tea, you go. When she doesn’t, you go anyway and do your best to fit in among the commoners.

  • Something In the Way

    Ali isn’t wasting any time. And I am seeing things I haven’t managed to cross off my list in nearly two years.

  • On Wednesday

    On Wednesday I try my best to make sure I contact my dad. Whether it’s an email or a phone call, it’s kind of our day. So, this post is for my dad. I hope you enjoyed it.

  • Feels Like Home

    Just come on in – we’re catching up on old times, but you are welcome to join us.

  • Fun, Friends, Food

    Southern girls bring food to parties. Sometimes I get a little out of control.

  • Working Late

    I don’t even remember Hot Cross Buns. My piano teacher would not be surprised.

  • It Pains Me to Say It

    In the scheme of things this seems like the least of our global worries, but my heart does go out to those hopeful hearts that are broken over England’s less than graceful exit off the stage.

  • Pick Up The Phone
    Master P

    Thursday morning Jen and I decided to go stand in line for the new iPhone 4 at our local O2 shop. This is our epic journey in the quest for a phone. (And no worries, Jen will get back around to blogging about our lovely visitors soon.)

  • This Little Light of Mine

    Tuesdays, man. I thought Mondays were something else until I met a Tuesday. Me and this little lost dog are thinking of you.

  • Fuzzy on Friday

    Nashville is coming to London pretty often these days. I like it this way.

  • Rootmaster

    I didn’t need any convincing, but I often think my friends might. However, I have a feeling you might be interested to see this.

  • Things You See in London

    Less is more. Less words, I mean.

  • A New Way to Celebrate

    I want all of you to get up and do the River Dance… (That’s kind of an inside joke, but it might actually be entertaining. Steady on.)

  • Here I Go Again

    I can use my fingers and toes to count our blog readers so I feel fairly safe declaring that Drew and I participated in our first evening of Karaoke. I mean, without this information becoming too widely known. I can’t decide if I am shy about people finding out we had fun or scared that someone might invite us again.

  • A Taste of Africa

    Spoiler alert: if you have a sensitive gag reflex, please take precaution. Your last meal is at risk.

  • Score!

    Please don’t blame me for being cool; someone else told me to do it. I didn’t even know what rugby was.

  • Save Yourself

    We have lots of healthy debate about whether or not to bother, as vegetarians, with meat substitutes. Because it seemed obligatory, we gave Heinz vegetarian sausage and beans a try.

  • Wait it Out

    Everyone says time heals everything. I guess we’ll just have to wait it out.

  • Stormy Summertime

    The love in my life has dragged me out of bed when the adrenaline didn’t turn up for her shift. Just when I thought the home stretch might be more work than I had strength for, love has come to the rescue.

  • Count the Days

    There are only so many weekends left in life. It’s time to make them count.

  • In the Meantime

    Spring. Wedding. Babies. Ah.

  • A Little Bit Like Tennessee

    Little things can carry your mind a million miles away…

  • What Happens in Nashville

    This one goes out to Ala D, Mista C, the little sistas, the Matron, codename LL Cool J, Mizz Love, and The Kat’s Meow.

  • A Southern Girl Speaks

    Come on in, ya’ll makes yourselves right at home now, honey.

  • Hampstead Heath

    Greeee–eeennn Acres is the place to be…

  • Roast without Rain

    Any excuse for a Sunday roast… Vegetarian style. I wish you could have been here.

  • Eyjafjallajoekull

    I dare you to say that five times fast. Wait, I dare you to try it ONCE. Thanks to for the stunning photo.

  • Both Sides Now

    Don’t pretend that you haven’t having been biting your nails for this update.

  • Back in the Saddle

    It is still simply amazing that we spent a weekend in Dublin. When did we grow up? Well, when did get old enough to be this far from home on our own?

  • Spring Green

    What did we do to deserve a beautiful weekend in Ireland?! Oh wait, Drew marked off another year…