Save Yourself

Vegetarians are not hard to find in the UK; I won’t go into the history of how and why. Most menus have at least a handful of vegetarian options, even at the fast food joints. That’s not to say that it is easy to find a vegetarian menu item that is egg and milk free, but one must start somewhere.

Just so that vegetarians feel a meat eater’s equal, vegetarian sausage can usually be spotted on a menu where breakfast is a big seller. I have enjoyed my fair share of polenta based, sage flavored, crunchy vegetable sticks (dipped in maple syrup if you please).

This is disgusting.

veggie sausage and beans

WAY past nasty.

Contrary to high hopes, this product will not evoke happy memories of weekends with dad. It will not spark images of helping him ‘fix’ phones or playing that no-name game which involved clinging to the swing set to be ‘safe’ from the lawn mower monster. You have been warned.

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