A New Way to Celebrate

Spending your first birthday as an ex-pat can come with a mix of emotions. Drew and I have experienced the plucking of the raw nerve that is a birthday away from everything familiar and routine. This is why we wanted to give Candace a grand Annual Celebration of Life, even though she assures us she is not getting older anymore. The party was never intended to include butt and cleavage sweat (let’s all pretend I have cleavage), but the air conditioning at Bincho was definitely not working.

Satsuma saved the day.
cc and lc satsuma

A walk across the river landed us at Udderbelly. We caught our first London stand-up comedy show in the big purple cow that makes up the festival’s stage area.

Bob, where ever you are, I hope that someone has done the River Dance for you. You are right, that stag do was pretty tame. Then again, you didn’t pay them to entertain you; we all thought that’s what we had paid the comics to do. May you not get beat up the next time you are drunk and disorderly. And rude.

Of course, the party was also not meant to include a failed visit to Borough Market. (If you can figure it out, please tell me how I managed not to know that Borough Market is closed on Sundays after 20 months living in London. I am currently using the excuse that Portobello and Spitalfields markets are closed on Saturday but open on Sunday.)

Although I felt pretty terrible for having promised something impossible, I did have The Marksman on speed dial and David slapped our name on a table. I think The Marksman may have earned us another chance. It seems that Candace and Lee are not planning to break up with us just yet.
cc and lc marksman

That’s a relief.

Happy birthday my friend!


5 thoughts on “A New Way to Celebrate”

  1. Awww. There is something about seeing old friends together in a new place that makes me smile. Maybe its becasue living out here in LA, I dream of having an old friend move out here so that I could selfishly have a piece of home closer. 🙂

  2. Come to London? L.A. is not on my wish list, unfortunately, but I think I would enjoy being your neighbor : ) About this blog… update please? Even silly anecdotes about NOT going on dates because of how lame the dudes are would be something to wake up to.

    You know, something short like:
    ‘Sam: movie-star good looks, probably a glamour shot from his sophomore year – the year before he left school to pursue acting full time, who is obviously lying about his height. And by ‘acting’ I mean he claims that he is a ‘self-employed specialist consultant’. Turn-ons include live music, sailing, and cooking. (Yes, probably. pshaw right. And that last one is a little fib for the ladies.) How did he try to start a conversation? ‘Hey there babe. Your dad must have been a thief because he stole two stars from the sky just for your eyes.’

  3. Okay, I have come to apologize that there is still no blog. Please hold your persecution though…I am on my 30th of straight work…no days off…my eyes are blurry, but I swear I want to write an update!

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