Count the Days

A couple of cool new cats – a.k.a. The Corams – have moved to the UK.

lee and candace

Go on, strike a pose. Don’t be shy.

While we revelled in the new car smell of having old friends in the country for a long working vacation, we also enjoyed the sites of another one of the Kingdom’s (former) capitals: Winchester.

Who can describe the beauty of the Winchester Cathedral?
winchester cathedral east

And the comedy of it?
funny face

Ok maybe there’s more seriousness than comedy, but he did make me smile. Then there was The Great Hall with King Arthur’s Round Table.
the great hall

Really, the Round Table. Except it’s art now.
round table

And so are we.
drew and jen

Winchester Castle was more castle ruins than castle, but that’s all the better sometimes…
Winchester Castle

The houses looked so homey. Wisteria claimed them, clinging to the sun-drenched bricks.

We can recommend The Bishop on the Bridge as a great place to have a drink with a view.
bishop on the bridge

And a bunny – on the right night.

The river was like a gentle rapid.
river view

The views were breathtaking.
river with willow

We are counting down.

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