It Pains Me to Say It

The World Cup is bigger than the Olympics with England fans. Companies send people home early, pubs set up unusually large screens indoors and out, barbecues erupt onto sunny lawns and sidewalks… Fans flock to get seats (and frosty beverages) for the 3 o’clock match; then they nip to loo and order another round for the 7 o’clock match. This goes on for about a month.

I am tempted to talk about it with others in the kitchen at work. It’s a nasty habit to send a little text to someone I know when we’ve won or lost. I haven’t ever been a sports fan before. What has come over me?

Is this true?
tea equals hope

Is tea the answer to the sub-ultimate question?

Our neighbors cheered for New Zealand.
canal boat fans

Fancy armor doesn’t help.
england wrist bands

Strong men look into the mirror to find that they are weak.
come on england

‘Come on England!’ was shouted thousands of times, but now England is coming home. Or at least, they aren’t continuing to battle it out for the World Cup.

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  1. We have the Super Bowl, they have the World Cup ūüôā Love the updates. Miss you guys!

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