Southern Belle in London

One of the joys of living abroad is having a good excuse to play host and hostess to friends and adventurers seeking sleep (and/or beer) in London. I am very lucky to be loved enough that when my friend Candace‘s mom came to Europe to visit, Candace shared her mom with me. Cheryl’s visit was the perfect end of summer treat.

With only 2.2 days in London post family trip to Rome, there was a lot to see. Lee and Cheryl covered a lot of ground on Friday while Candace, Drew, and I finished the work week. The weekend was a beautiful blur.

We introduced her to soho.
bracelet story

soho queen

To all the girls and boys, and those in between – for the love of self respect, your skirt should be long enough to cover the subject.

After that, I almost need a smoke, too.
cuban purchase

We took a breath at Piccadilly Circus.
cheryl at piccadilly

(Why wasn’t I born with hair like this?)
hair at piccadilly

Candace and Lee didn’t think Cheryl should miss Borough Market.
borough market

I agree.
borough market bread
Get in my belly.

Who can resist organically grown chilies that make your nose bleed?!
chili stall borough market

Amazingly enough, we had time for Ye Ol’ Cheshire Cheese-
cheshire cheese

and ladies’ tea at Fortnum and Mason before Candace and Lee took Cheryl out for a big surprise.
fortnum and mason

I wish I could have seen her face when they led her to the Lyceum Theatre to see The Lion King… At least I got to hear her describe it when they got home. Ah, good times.

If you’d like to share your vacation with the Huddlestons, please do let us know. We need some extra mouths to feed at Thanksgiving.