Where in the World is Gina [Sandiego]?

The better question is ‘where has Gina been?’. London was the final stop on our whirlwind, week long tour.

We saw a smidgen of Belarus. Grodno, Vitebsk, and Minsk. The landscape looked a lot like Tennessee, except that the buildings were mostly different.
Belarus Church

With a more than gracious host I laughed and struggled to understand the people, the country, and the menus. The landscape was incredibly similar to Tennessee. The cityscape felt vastly different though. Having watched one too many 007 films, I was overwhelmed by the friendly openness of the team we had travelled to meet.

We stopped for the blink of an eye in Berlin, Germany. Checkpoint Charlie was a lighthearted rendition of its former self.
checkpoint charlie

But the section of the Berlin wall left standing is more stark reminder of days gone by.
berlin wall

The city itself is modern and international, feeling a bit like London. The history is palpable, offered openly to anyone willing to take the journey.

Though there was little opportunity for unstructured free time, I came home with my head full of wonder and new information. Gina came back rested.
europe hotel

Thanks belong to my colleague and mentor Sian. Not many people can put up with me for a week – let alone provide training while working such long days herself. Step aside Superwoman; I’ve met your match. And there are more strong, talented women on the team we represent. (Yeah, ok – we’ve got talented men, too. They are just outnumbered.)


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