Local Language

  • gypsy’s warning

    A quiet word to an employee or aquaintance, suggesting that they’d best proceed with caution in respect of their current conduct or attitude, or they may be in for an unpleasant surprise. The details of which aren’t actually set out by the giver of the warning, who may or may not have control over their…


  • They’re Here

    Oh, for the love of summer…

  • Weekend Away

    It wasn’t for the baths, for the cathedral, or any other historical sites really… We went to Bath for time with three gorgeous people. This is Rufus and his dad Adam. I don’t know why I don’t have a photo of Ru’s mum Milly. I’m a bad friend. Or a forgetful person. Or I was…

  • Ladies Laughing

    Lucky for me, my friend Mel organised a Ladies’ Night out–and I was invited! She’s sharing her lovely friends with me for some reason; it has come at a really great time. Every lady in this group is a strong, intelligent woman, all of whom (I think) are mums too. It’s encouraging to have meaningful…

  • Rock Star Treatment

    We are rock stars. Well, we get rock star treatment in Tennessee.


    I am so sleepy. Do you have any crackers in your pocket? I like avocado for breakfast. What’s that smell?

  • I Am the Bomb

    It’s truly embarrassing. Just call before you come over.

  • This Is Why

    We are having a baby. Drew and me. The Huddlestons.

  • Yes Please

    One thing I miss about the southern United States is that we grow (and have access to) the best mashing potatoes. Thank goodness London does have a few experts in the specialised art of making ‘mash’.

  • Dinner for One

    When I asked for more time to myself, this wasn’t exactly what I pictured…

  • Into Focus

    Eyes forward, arms open, heart willing.

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