Hello, hello!

Monday marked 19 weeks (or the beginning of the 20th week) so we are halfway there. HOLY. CRAP. This is really real.

So, the baby began break dancing this week. It is definitely my very favorite (physical) part of being pregnant so far. My hope is that before we leave Tennessee the baby is moving wildly enough that family get to feel it; it is kind of doubtful but I hope for it nonetheless. (London folks, all four friends that we have here, have time later.) My favorite part of the pregnancy in general is Drew. OMG, he is so stinking cute. I love him.

Guess what I got in my email newsletter this week… Never mind, you will never guess.

19 weeks peanut

My peanut looks like a pretzel. That cannot be right.

I still have gas. I still want crazy things to eat. I still have trouble sleeping and have wild dreams. So, it’s honestly not much different than not being pregnant, haha! I do get sore in the night, but I am taking all the suggestions regarding extra pillows and getting out of bed safely… It’s all good.

So, Drew and I have a joke… Short version of how it came about:
baby mama = slang term for the mother of your baby, who you may or may not be in a relationship with or even like
baby mama drama
= slang term for the drama surrounding the usually Jerry-Springer type circumstances that surround your relationship with said ‘baby mama’
Relatively Low Drama Baby Mama (RLDBM) = me

The Jerry Springer show would go off the air if we were guests, but I do my fair share of crying and worrying (as I guess mums do). However, I seem to encounter drama every where I go. Delayed trains, deathly hot hotel rooms, taxi drivers trying to run me over, mixed up meeting days and times, rain in the middle of a sunny day… It’s just how I roll. So far, I have kept my cool and not yelled at anyone (well, except for the deathly hot hotel room incident in which I did not keep my cool-but was still very polite. I am a celebrity at that hotel; I don’t have to get rude).

Yeah. Charmed life. Shockingly strange and normal all in the same breath.

We desperately hope to do some nothing in Tennessee. We need a break. I hope we can survive the heat and the mosquitos!!

Love you all : )


2 responses to “RLDBM”

  1. You’re going to be in Tennessee?! We’ll be so close, yet so far away.

    I want to hear about the crazy food cravings. Emily didn’t have any!

  2. I know! I did investigate layovers near you…  Um– ketchup, mustard, claussen dill pickles, olives, chocolate cake with no icing, avocado, hummus, BLTs, tomatoes, grilled cheese (with Velveeta), tuna, Trix/Fruit Loops. On separate days! Most of the time : )

    Great big snuggles to you all!