Rock Star Treatment

Brooke Kelly (Brooke Kelly Photography) captured the best of us three. Sylvia (Seriously Foxy Makeup & Skincare) brought out my inner hotness.

See the maternity photo preview here.

While you are here though, take our polls! Boy or girl? Delivery date? Name?

You never know–there might be prizes… Or just a baby. It will depend on how tired I am when Peanut greets the world.

5 responses to “Rock Star Treatment”

  1. I can’t seem to find the poll! I have a guess though whether it’s a boy or a girl. I need help on the delivery date, do I have options?
    Where do I click?

  2. I think the hubs would be proud to offer his namesake to a Huddleston boy or girl 😉

    BTW – Jen you are a hottie!

  3. LOVED the Polls!! Jen you look radiant and beautiful. Hope you are enjoying every moment!!