Weekend Away

It wasn’t for the baths, for the cathedral, or any other historical sites really… We went to Bath for time with three gorgeous people.

This is Rufus and his dad Adam. I don’t know why I don’t have a photo of Ru’s mum Milly. I’m a bad friend. Or a forgetful person. Or I was on holiday (in a holiday frame of mind) and didn’t take a checklist.
adam and rufus

We went to Dyrham House, which is really lovely.
dyrham house front

It’s where Adam and Milly spend their summers.
dyrham house back

We kissed,
drew and jen kissing

we played croquet,
dads playing croquet

we ate delicious home made food, chatted and laughed, took a walk, saw the view, snuggled a bit, and we recovered from recovering. We are very grateful for the handful of quality friendships we have on this island. Hopefully Rufus will bring Adam and Milly to stay in London soon. Or when the baby comes. Or both.