I Am the Bomb

We have crayons and a spare room. I think that makes us pretty ready to get a flatmate in November (we’ve negotiated 21 Nov as the move-in date but babies are never on time).
crayons from jane

Unfortunately, this place looks like a bomb dropped on it. I am the bomb.

I think project ‘Have Baby’ is going to require a project plan. I have a list of resources to acquire, preparations and meetings which should be carried out at specific key timepoints, a budget to agree, and one big final deliverable to set the pace of the timelines. Before all of this can be settled, I have to correct the feng shui of this flat. At this very moment Drew is making some progress–and it’s so sexy.

I have to go.


4 responses to “I Am the Bomb”

  1. Yeah, those pregnancy hormones get ya every time, believe me, I know. It is sexy when they do the heavy lifting. And clean the bathroom…

  2. You ARE the bomb! But I don’t think in the way you mean…in more of an old slang way.
    And you are so ready for this new flatmate…sure there will be lists and lots of things to do…but you ARE ready 🙂

  3. The key to successful project management: break it down into manageable chunks.
    Start with breathing.