Dinner for One

My top secret job takes me to exotic places–like Leeds. Laugh all you like, but Leeds happens to be ‘the cultural, financial, and commercial heart of the West Yorkshire urban area.’ Unfortunately my top secret job most often takes me to exotic places alone (now that I am fully trained in all my ninja skills). This means that I am growing accustomed to ‘me’ time, better known as ‘Dinner for One’.
hotel restaurant

‘Dinner for One’ is not so bad–if the room service attendant remembers to open your ginger ale.
room service

Unfortunately I didn’t notice that my ginger ale was trapped in the bottle until he had left and I was well relaxed in my pajamas, sans bra. On the scales of desire, staying bra-less in my pajamas was more important than enjoying a ginger ale.


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  1. Carol, Jen hasn’t been regularly blogging lately, but if you use the calendar to the top right, you can see the days we have blogged as blue numbers – click on them or the month names.