Into Focus

Two years have officially passed, speaking in terms of by-the-calendar anniversaries, but for some reason it’s the three day weekend that intimidating the hell out of me.  I’ve spent the last three days between a hotel room in Leeds and a medical clinic–buried in paper.  My stiff upper lip quivered to hear a colleague making plans to go home to care for her mum over the weekend.  And maybe I cried watching families be reunited on a BBC show…

Tonight I arrived back in the chaos of Kings Cross.  Oddly enough, I feel like I brought friends.  East Coast trains sat me at a table with gorgeous people who I might like to run into again.  The conversation wandered over the globe and stirred laughter.  I felt encouraged by these ever-wandering souls to enjoy each moment and continue looking always for more life to live.  I took it as a sign (as I do).

Eyes forward, arms open, heart willing.

3 responses to “Into Focus”

  1. my heart still aches as I bring home “things” that used to be her personal possessions. Somehow having those items outside of their natural habitat makes it so much more real. Much of the time, I can push aside the feelings as if she is just busy at home. The date passed me by …..I agree that it is the holiday weekend that brings back the reminder of the pain. She had no idea of her significance to our lives and how much we all still needed her. Now she is healed….completely. That is the only thing that eases the stinging of the tears.
    I love you dear sister. I hope that you can feel my tight hug from across the ocean!!