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  • It’s a Piece of Cake to Bake a Pretty Cake

    Sky news claims that 7 million London based workers stayed home from work yesterday and another 2 million played hooky today due to the worst snowy weather London has seen in 18 years.  Drew managed to walk to work this morning.  Living close to work has its benefits and its drawbacks…  I must say, though, I would […]

  • La Cage aux Folles (and an Interview)

    Along the river, near the North end of the Hungerford Bridge, the Playhouse Theatre is home to an extended run of the critically acclaimed La Cage aux Folles. Some of you are likely to have seen the film version which starred Robin Williams (The Birdcage), but I can promise that Graham Norton is stunning in […]

  • Do You Still Need Someone to Play the Lead Tree?

    My heart is achy (the good kind of sore, like you have the day after a 7 hour dance rehearsal) as I attempt to put a punctuation mark on the end of this week and begin a new sentence again.  As hard as it was to hear the recruiters tell me that I had not […]

  • Is it That Late Already?

    Sadly, I feel that there is very little news to report.  I have rearranged my CV so many times, and written so many covering letters, I am quite tired of myself.  I have lost count of the number of jobs about which I have contacted recruiters–or the numbers of recruiters I have contacted to be […]

  • Would You Like to Dance?

    Where to begin… With a sequence of events not entirely unlike a roller coaster ride–the kind you wait in line nearly half a day to ride and get off feeling sick, exhilarated, and thankful to be alive–it’s hard to know exactly how to begin to tell the story of the last two and a half […]

  • One More Small Hurdle

    I have been trying to be such a good girl this year, but I seem to be a magnet for slightly annoying chains of challenge.  There will either be nothing but coal in my stocking for the trouble I cause–or I will earn a medal by facing these challenges without developing a drinking problem in […]

  • You’ll Need to Bring This Back With You.

    Term of the Day: Bits and Bobs Odds and ends A good portion of normal, everyday Londoners order groceries online and have them delivered; they pop in to local stores for the random bits and bobs.  Within my frame of reference, that would have seemed very posh two months ago.  After discovering the challenges simple […]

  • MMmmmm.

    For my mom, who always wants to know what we had for dinner. Thanksgiving is alive and well for these two Huddlestons in London and we may not eat again until December.  Our lovely friends Virginia and Scott laboriously prepared for us a hand made vegetarian feast and allowed us to enjoy their sweet children […]

  • That Is a Cuss Word Where I Come From

    If Lelan Statom (my favorite meteorologist, and the sole reason I watched News Channel Five) said the word “snow” in his forecast, within four hours grocery stores ran out of bread, milk, eggs, batteries, gallons of water, and Swiss Miss.  If the lovely Carol Kirkwood, BBC weather presenter, mentions snow it’s considered a horrible slight […]

  • Yeah, I did, actually.

    Word of the Day: Lippy lipstick Standard math problem: How do you get one mile from your flat to your job interview in suit pants meant to be worn with 3-5 inch heels, without wearing the heels, on your journey and leaving one hour before your scheduled interview time?  Answer: You put socks on over […]

  • For the Win

    I know so many women that handle their work as housewives and moms with such grace–and I managed to do well for a solid month (with no kids or pets to care for, mind you)–but I don’t know how these ladies stay motivated to battle the neverending cycle of laundry, dishes, cleaning, grocery shopping, errands, […]

  • A Terrifically Terrible Tuesday That Was Also Terribly Terrific

    Although it started out as a normal day, it soon turned into a frenzy of action and hilarity.  Several times I have had to ask myself why I cannot be a person of less drama.  I guess that would make this boring blog all that more uninteresting, now wouldn’t it?  Nevermind.  Bring on the crazy. […]

  • Fabulous Friday the 14th

    A beautiful sunny morning gave way to a cloudy afternoon; it was blustery all day, but the temperature was so yummy that I opened the windows and turned off the heat.  I may have been a bit lazy today, but I still managed to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather.  I also spent a […]