One More Small Hurdle

I have been trying to be such a good girl this year, but I seem to be a magnet for slightly annoying chains of challenge.  There will either be nothing but coal in my stocking for the trouble I cause–or I will earn a medal by facing these challenges without developing a drinking problem in a country where that is acceptable.  Oh wait, I chose this trouble.  Dangit.  I think that means I have no right to complain.

This week I have several job leads, and one interview so far scheduled, but my computer has come down with something so I am floundering around on Drew’s laptop.  We may have to give my dear iMac a shot of adrenaline and some epinephrine–perhaps the paddles–to retrieve some files pertinent to my interview tomorrow…  We shall see how brave I get in the next few crucial hours.

We have some fun things to look forward to and as soon as I get my computer running again, I’ll be adding photos to the blog and to the Flickr page.  I wish I had some amazing updates from the weekend.  Unfortunately (and quite fortunately) we did a lot of nothing.  I had a great time.  The laundry I’ve done also gives the place a nice smell.

We’ll be back in full swing again soon.  Please keep tuning in.

One thought on “One More Small Hurdle”

  1. I love your blog……. it is refreshing, informative and down right hilarious at times!! I am learning many new things through your adventures……living vicariously, and yes comfortably safe at my house!
    I do have one thought…….maybe a celcius to fahrenheit converter!! (i am sure i spelled those wrong!)

    Only 1 week (7 DAYS) until you are here!! Whoo Hoo!!!……..(home?) Definitely, the definition of that concept depends on one’s perspective!

    Love you, Donna

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