Yeah, I did, actually.

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Standard math problem: How do you get one mile from your flat to your job interview in suit pants meant to be worn with 3-5 inch heels, without wearing the heels, on your journey and leaving one hour before your scheduled interview time?  Answer: You put socks on over your hose, tuck your pants into the tops of your socks, lace your trainers on your feet, put your heels in your briefcase thingy, and start walking.  Yeah, I did, actually.  I just stopped for an orange juice in a coffee shop around the block from my destination and made the switch.
I like the people I met.  The environment seems very nice and the job sounds perfect.  I was so excited when I left that I thought wearing my heels back to the flat would be totally manageable.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  The super spikey [Angel] heels I had chosen to wear are the kind that squish all your toes together and I think my toes had each other for lunch.
After I had nursed my poor feet into my trainers again, I went downstairs to grab a bagel sandwich for lunch.  I ran into the same kids I see at lunchtime most weekdays; they seem to come out of several nearby buildings to have lunch.  Because they all wear the tell tale black dance and drama rehearsal wear I’ve come to know and love, I finally worked up the courage to ask if they are attending a local dance or theatre school.  I cannot believe that I live next door to The Guildhall School of Music and Drama.


I’ll let you decide how smashing you think that news is.

Having had very little sleep last night, I did indulge in a short nap before meeting Drew and coworker Janita at their office to have dinner and deliver the fairy cakes I made to the tired celebrators. (One of Drew’s bosses has been promoted to a job overseas and late nights have been had; I wonder if a week’s worth of going away parties is normal here or if he was just really well liked.) We had dinner at Hamburger Union.  The Vegetarian Sausage burger is pretty yummy.  They also have a Falafel Burger that is Drew’s favorite. Janita quite likes the Citrus Marinated Halloumi Burger, but they do have burgers for meat eaters, too.

I’ve been thinking…  If I get a job soon, I won’t have the time to write all day.  I guess I better take advantage of this precious free time that is sitting in my lap at the moment–before it’s gone!

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