For the Win

I know so many women that handle their work as housewives and moms with such grace–and I managed to do well for a solid month (with no kids or pets to care for, mind you)–but I don’t know how these ladies stay motivated to battle the neverending cycle of laundry, dishes, cleaning, grocery shopping, errands, phone calls to sort out problems, and meals.  For the moment I am trying to remember that my paycheck, or rather my right to buy clothes and goodies, is based (in theory) to me fulfilling the job requirements.  I have imposed these rules on myself to balance out the weirdness of depending totally on Drew for the first time ever in our whole relationship.  This is a new concept for him as well.  He felt bad the first few times I made him breakfast, but I think he’s gotten used to it and rather likes it now.  I would like to imagine that he looks forward to discovering what yummy dinner I’ve whipped up as he’s making his two mile walk home.  You may not know this totally awesome tidbit about Drew, but he is pretty easy to please.  Yeah, he’s a picky eater, but he’ll eat the things he likes in lots of combinations and repeatedly. FTW, Pinky, for the win.

I will admit that it is nice to have clean clothes when we need them; we no longer have to dig things out of the hamper at the eleventh hour and throw them in the dryer with a Downy sheet, bachelor style…  It also makes me quite proud that we have not once opted for peanut butter and jelly after trying one of my off the cuff dinner creations.  The fact that I have not been lost and/or crying on any of my treks through this big city, is also something I consider to be an accomplishment.  I am certainly more brave than I was upon landing in the UK on the 5th of October.  Wait a minute–I think I kind of enjoy this house wife thing now that I’ve pondered it.  Maybe it’s not the work itself getting me down, maybe it’s the lack of conversation. 

So, what makes any cloudy day a more enjoyable one?  Baking.  Yeah, some of you got that one wrong.  (Although baking is the most correct answer, if you said hot chocolate, napping, loving on your pets, or snuggling–you are also for the awesome.)  I used to make amazing cupcakes and cakes when we were back in the states.

Vegan Cupcake

For now, I am still testing the new appliances, using fewer tools, creating hillbilly solutions for tools I don’t have (also known as “rigging”), and trying out the measurement conversions.  The end results aren’t yet glamorous enough for photos.  But seriously, check out this icing tool I made out of a crappy, flimsy sandwich bag.

Basic Fairy Cake Icing
Hillbilly Icing Contraption

I didn’t have an icing tip to stick in it and because of the way the bag was shaped the icing job looked worse than amateurish.  It was still easier than icing them all with a spoon!  Fortunately, Drew’s coworkers don’t seem to mind that the treats I send in are slightly decrepit because (I’ve heard) they are super yummy.  Maybe I should be looking for work in a bakery.  Have I said that already?!

More quick updates:

  • We only have four channels on the telly (all BBC) and they cost us £139.00 per year (I’ve ordered some additional stuff and should have it by the weekend)
  • I have applied for my NI number; Drew has received his already
  • The nob on the oven that I thought was a timer is actually the control used to delay the start of cooking  (I kept wondering why the cupcakes weren’t baking and the over never got more than warm, even though the fan was running!)
  • Showering without getting water everywhere is a challenge; I think I will look for a video about how I am supposed to do be doing it and I will send you the link to watch it as part of your coming-to-visit instructions
  • I think I might tattoo on my arm the list of things to make sure I have on my person as I am leaving the flat so that I never again end up without my Oyster Card

Well, I am off to prepare for the big day tomorrow.  I have to practice going over where I will see myself in 5 years and decide what my three strengths and weaknesses are.  There is probably a good chance I will need to know what flavor of ice cream I would be, what animal I feel akin to, what kind of car I might be, and why.

All my love~

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