For my mom, who always wants to know what we had for dinner.

Thanksgiving is alive and well for these two Huddlestons in London and we may not eat again until December.  Our lovely friends Virginia and Scott laboriously prepared for us a hand made vegetarian feast and allowed us to enjoy their sweet children for an evening.  We first enjoyed champagne with a bruschetta type appetizer topped with fruit compote, blue cheese, and pecans.  The flavors were amazing together.  A warm and filling wild mushroom soup preceded a golden vegetable pot pie, (steamed?) Brussells sprouts, and real bread stuffing.  The soup and main course were complimented by a red wine better than any I had ever tried.  For dessert we had moist, gooey, vegan German chocolate cupcakes and (by occurrence of a small miracle) pumpkin pie topped with home made whipped cream.

I did a puzzle with Holland, listening to Abba, and giggled with August.  Days like this remind me to look forward to a time when we will welcome babies into our lives…  

For a moment, I think it’s hard believe that two of the very first people we met in London feel so much like home to me, but they don’t call me the Master Manifester for nothin’.  I guess it’s easy to find beautiful people when you are looking.

On a completely unrelated note, I am still job hunting.  I may have been a bit overqualified or goal oriented for the particular position I applied for this week.  Although I am disappointed, I am slightly relieved to have another chance to find something that might be a bigger departure from my comfort zone.