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  • Peanut Butter Corn Flake Treats

    Jane’s Balls are a top secret recipe. I had to make something I could share with you… This is my selection.

  • Mama’s Hungry

    I’ve been cooking large quantities and freezing meals for the babymoon because I am told that I won’t have time to eat if I have to cook it first…

  • A Man’s Heart

    It may not be the sure fire way to his heart, but I am willing to try.

  • Fat and Happy

    This is how do it. It’s great. I need a nap.

  • A Song For You

    Angels walk among us; I know because one of them sent me spoons.

  • A Day to be Thankful

    There are very few evils in the world that can’t be eased by the cuteness of kittens and puppies. And seriously, that is one lean, mean hand turkey.

  • Fancy a Curry?

    Tonight I am making my first ever Vindaloo to celebrate.  (Brad, if you are out there, this Vindaloo is for you.)  I have a bank card for our new bank account, I have a confirmed interview on Wednesday with a great company, and (in case you haven’t heard) we have guests coming in June.  Perhaps […]

  • Lemon Lovely

    Valentine’s Day was more about lemon than chocolate this year.  For our first V-day boycott in our new little city, we caught up on Battlestar Gallactica and dined on London Lemon Dessert with a side of Lemon Cupcakes.  Mmm. Of all the amazing things there may have been to do in London this weekend, staying […]

  • Praise Song for the Day

    It seems that we may have sold the motorcycle; that is, our amazing friend Matt may have sold our motorcycle.  We woke up to his email yesterday morning and I think that must be why the sun is shining so brightly in London two mornings in a row!  How nice for everyone here?!  So Matt, […]

  • A Lazy London Sunday

    I would like to say that we went to the Chinese New Year Parade at Trafalgar Square this afternoon or to the fireworks display in Leicester Square this evening.  There was another cool event on my calendar that looked like an inexplicable mix of dance and art exhibit.  Unfortunately, I have finally admitted that I […]

  • Freaky Friday

    I have no idea how to get off the phone with a Londoner.  There is a long string of “brilliant, excellent, absolutely fine, cheers, of course, lovely, just brilliant, tomorrow then, cheers, brilliant, wonderful…”  What can I say to let them know I understand that we are done talking and that we both intend to […]

  • Is Your Mouth on Fire, Too?

    Yesterday I got a new broom, cloth handkerchiefs, and a silicone device used in a frying pan to prepare foods like eggs or pancakes.  (I didn’t have to wait long to test out my new cooking tool.)  You would think Londoners never saw someone carrying a broom down the street before…  How did they get […]

  • You’ll Need to Bring This Back With You.

    Term of the Day: Bits and Bobs Odds and ends A good portion of normal, everyday Londoners order groceries online and have them delivered; they pop in to local stores for the random bits and bobs.  Within my frame of reference, that would have seemed very posh two months ago.  After discovering the challenges simple […]

  • We Came, We Saw, We Chugged Hot Apple Cider

    So how about this new look, eh?! Props to a gorgeous webmaster and designer extraordinaire… More changes and updates to come, we hope you enjoy! If you don’t have something to drink and more than just a few free minutes on hand, go make yourself some refreshments and come back with a comfy chair. The […]

  • Things for Which I Am Thankful

    I am one of those people who operates best with a plan and a deadline.  I also happen to be an extremely emotional person who attaches meaning to everything.  The flaw isn’t in my sentimentality or my best laid plans–it’s in the crying and pouting that ensues when Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t go as planned.  The […]

  • When You Put it That Way…

    Word of the Day: Biscuit (UK) Cookie–and sometimes cracker (US) Small, savory, bread-based food item eaten most commonly at breakfast A girl (and hopefully a boy) can be happy anywhere by creating little bits of familiarity around them.  What else is a house wife to do, then, besides make familiar foods?  I’ve tried something like […]

  • For the Win

    I know so many women that handle their work as housewives and moms with such grace–and I managed to do well for a solid month (with no kids or pets to care for, mind you)–but I don’t know how these ladies stay motivated to battle the neverending cycle of laundry, dishes, cleaning, grocery shopping, errands, […]

  • Fabulous Friday the 14th

    A beautiful sunny morning gave way to a cloudy afternoon; it was blustery all day, but the temperature was so yummy that I opened the windows and turned off the heat.  I may have been a bit lazy today, but I still managed to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather.  I also spent a […]