Mama’s Hungry

It seems clear to me that I will struggle to do much else besides feed, eat, change nappies, sleep, and repeat for about 6 weeks after Peanut arrives. It may take 12 weeks for some sort of normal to seep in. To this end, I’ve been cooking large quantities and freezing meals for the babymoon. Recently I made a chunky vegetable pasta sauce that was yummy. My sister would hate it, but she won’t judge me for eating it this way.

We had a starter salad with Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pickled shallots (from my friend Chisa at work), feta cheese, yellow pepper, cucumber, olives, and vinaigrette dressing.

The chunky vegetable pasta sauce started with roughly cut onion, yellow and orange pepper, chilies, minced garlic…
veg pasta sauce starter

I may have cheated a little.
veg pasta sauce cheats

I added a chunked courgette (zucchini squash) and diced carrots which somehow didn’t get photographed…

I added blended chopped tomatoes and some right out of the container. Then I plopped in some tomato paste and spices to taste.
veg pasta sauce ingredients

I feel really accomplished. If I were really gourmet, I would have added mushrooms.
vegetable pasta sauce

Who knew dinner could be this easy?!

2 responses to “Mama’s Hungry”

  1. First let me say ~ beautiful food!!
    Second ~ Alicia slept from about midnight to 5 am at two weeks old……I considered that ALL night! So, there is hope for close to normal.
    Third ~ Do you remember the pepper sauce Mom used to make from the garden? It might be something that would really add to your menu. Maybe we can make some this coming summer ~ yes, we have the recipe (And even I like it in spaghetti!)

    Love you!!