A Day to be Thankful

As hard as this week naturally is, for the obvious reasons, I have been met by patience, love, and growing friendships. While Drew was working away in Sweden on Tuesday night, my friend Sarah came ’round for dinner. Auntie Sarah, as I like to call her, never seems to tire of answering my questions about pudding, cream tea, boarding school, television, mortgages, and vests – among other things. She offered a shoulder more than once when I thought I was near falling off the edge of the Earth. And she let me torture her with videos of my Chimeras days. Those kids were in shape – excuse me while I do some crunches… (I still wish I had in my possession all the videos of my students’ performances!! Maybe while I am home, I will beg someone to make me a DVD…)

Auntie Sarah has not been alone in her quest to keep me smiling. And there has been love and support coming from across the ocean, too.

Today there will be too much food. There will be friends. There will be leftovers. And I am thankful for this distraction. It stings and feels strange, but there are still giggles bubbling to the surface. I think it’s all the wiped cream (I dare you to call it this all day) and powdered sugar.

 thanksgiving kitten

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

When you visit the website it boosts my self-esteem. [insert smiley face here]

5 thoughts on “A Day to be Thankful”

  1. I am so thankful for my extra hip, always groovy, extremely beautiful Aunt Jennifer. She is the best!

  2. i love you times a million………..and i am thankful we survived this week!!
    ONLY 19 DAYS til I hug you in person!

  3. I love wiped cream, it’s the best way to have cream!
    What’s that song again from OutKast?: Wipe it, wip-wipe it, wipe it baby, like a polaroid picta…

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