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  • The Great Beer Pull

    Warning! This post contains photos of a double chin – my double chin, regrettably. I would like to make excuses. There are none. Love me through this challenging part of my life.

  • Dolly Parton and Ladyhawke

    Ok look. The Tower of London is not to be missed. The Tate, the LSO, Globe Theatre – they are all great. Lunch with friends at your favorite pub, priceless.

  • Oh. My. Marksman.

    I like food and good people – The Marksman has both, the neighborhood pub that tempts me to move farther east.

  • We’ve Only Got Four Minutes

    I am quite torn between the desire for an extended period of time to myself and relief in the fact that there has been very little of that.  The schedule has been full, as you can tell by our absence.  The Tuesday night before Megan left, we must have been up until at least 1:30 […]

  • That’s What I Love About Sunday

    It’s impossible to see everything in London, but we are always working to find the unmissable local favorites. We can’t introduce you to the queen, but if you’re looking to feel like you live here, we can certainly share what we know and love so far.

  • One Pub, Two Pubs, Three Pubs, Tums

    Summer London Sundays make me feel much better about life. Thank goodness for good food and good friends.