Dolly Parton and Ladyhawke

What do Dolly Parton and Ladyhawke have in common? Well, I know that they both get airtime at my favorite local pub. Do you know how much that pleases me? Consider this your informative bulletin.

Emily is back from Madrid and Lauren survived her big press release on Friday so we headed to The Marksman to celebrate.  (Ok, maybe we would make up any ‘ol excuse to take people to The Marksman.)
em and lauren

And we sang 9 to 5 followed by My Delirium, ate too much, laughed, shared, rolled out the door blowing kisses to a handsome Australian food expert… Ah, yum. 

Drew took his leave after lunch to work at home (ick, bleck, eww. Yes, I said ‘work’ on a Sunday). So, the ladies and I wandered through the flower market on Columbia Road. Lauren treated me to beautiful yellow and golden orange Gerber daisies. They really do a lot for my stark white flat.

We popped into a couple of really great shops. I got Drew a little present – I got one for a lucky blog reader as well, so it must remain a surprise until the next Giveaway…

*Emily treated me to Cava sangria later that evening, which we served in my new, hot little retro pitcher.

Emily, Drew and I sat in our pajamas sipping sangria as we watched the first episode of this season’s Dr. Who – LIVE. We have finally gotten on the British Dr. Who watching schedule…  Seriously folks.  I think we are really in London.

* I was totally spoiled after a few hours with my girls… And if you have Emily as a house guest, she makes you tea and does your dishes. Lauren will arrange your flowers if you’ll have her over for some tea. When are you ladies coming over again?!

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