We’ve Only Got Four Minutes

I am quite torn between the desire for an extended period of time to myself and relief in the fact that there has been very little of that.  The schedule has been full, as you can tell by our absence.  The Tuesday night before Megan left, we must have been up until at least 1:30 a.m. just dragging out the last minutes.

Wednesday evening we found ourselves in Trafalgar Square with a handful of Canadian ex-pat friends for Canada Day.

canada day

canada day bikes

Thursday evening I shared a day of training with my co-workers, followed by an evening of team building festivities on the river and at the National Gallery Cafe for a posh dinner.


thames clipper skipper

thames clipper

national gallery cafe

dinner at ng

Friday evening Drew and I attended farewell drinks for his colleague Lin, of whom we had grown quite fond.  She was like an extension of our family the way she looked after us as we settled in (and even after).  It was the second Friday in a row that we raised our glass to say goodbye to peeps leaving Ticketmaster.  There must be doors being thrown open somewhere…

On Saturday Drew and I joined some American ex-pats and their families for a picnic at Tooting Bec Common.  It was quite laid back and informal with babies as entertainment.

When we tired of sitting in the park, we wandered through the crowds in the West End.  Gay Pride festivities were in full force in Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, and Soho.  I had hoped for more music and less blatant drug use.  Perhaps I had hoped for something more familiar, like a backyard barbecue.  Silly rabbit, London is for parties.

trafalgar gay pride

leicester sq gay pride

gay pride trash

The Marksman was privately booked on Sunday (maybe for the owners’ anniversary, a Fourth of July party, or for their daughter’s birthday) so I will have to wait quite a while to enjoy the next vegetarian special…  Sad.  Still, we managed to get quite a lot done before making our way to the Millenium Pier where we boarded the Thames Clipper for the O2.  Drew surprised me with Madonna tickets!

madonna o2

When we visited London in May to decide whether or not we could make it living here, Madonna and Justin’s “4 minutes” was being played everywhere we went.  There was no way that I could have at that time imagined that we would eventually be watching Madonna perform it live in London.  Granted, Justin was projected onto moving stage screens, but the deja vu of it all was enough to give me chills.  It’s just another moment that seems to bring us full circle.  My daydreams feel like a smear of something you see on the Tilt-a-Whirl; I am dizzy from it all.

2 thoughts on “We’ve Only Got Four Minutes”

  1. MADONNA!?! That is so awesome! My arms just uncontrollably flailed all over and smacked myself upside the head at reading that!!
    Kassi, Mikey and I recently stayed at a hotel in New York that she had stayed -before she was famous of course- but it was a big part of the reason we ( I ) chose to stay there!!
    Also I’ve wanted to tell you, it was the weekend after MJ passed and we sat at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge and sang ‘Man In The Mirror’. Well, ok…I sang it to them. They sat fidgeting and smiling nervously at me and looked a little uncomfortable. Think they were just a little shocked at my moves, but still, we had our moment.
    Give yourself a moment. 🙂

    Have fun at Madonna!

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