Songs About Jane

When that big truck left a bump on my head, Jane got a very bright idea.  A very bright idea, indeed.

120 crayons

Just look at them…
close up crayons

They are absolutely lovely.  I spent an hour arranging them by color.  Ok, I was sniffing them.  It is almost the exact same thing.

In contrast, there was this apron; you might see how these things compliment each other.


And then this…  Oh, how I love them.

See Jane outdo herself.  Why should I be so loved?

3 responses to “Songs About Jane”

  1. OH, Jane…….what a gift you have!! To know ways to comfort people, very special and rare.
    I can’t remember if we have met, forgive me!
    But – I love you!!!!
    From the big sis……..Donna

    Jennifer, from all of the lovely seeds you’ve sown, fragrant and nourishing fruit will sustain you. You are so very precious to me! I delight in the thought of you and the set of crayons that you had drooled over and decided to be a “grown up” and wait for them because the room in your suitcase was so very valuable. And here you are……receiving them now – oh how the Lord knew why you would need to wait for the perfect time. I am once again in awe. Thank you Lord for sending angels to surround my dear sister. I love you!

  2. How lucky am I to have 2 posts in a week 🙂 You are so loved because you are amazing! Much love along with hugs and kisses to you both!