Run Over by a Truck

I feel like I have been run over by a truck. It might have been a garbage truck, but I didn’t catch the plate number. (Please enjoy the music while you [finish this post].)

Life is full of things we’ve and done and things we haven’t. I hadn’t driven a car until I did. And then I hadn’t had a Yorkshire Pudding until I did. And I hadn’t ever been to the A&E (Emergency Room in the UK) until I went yesterday. In the commotion and embarrassment it suddenly occurred to me how relieved I was that I had shaved my legs. Don’t you worry though; I am on the mend. They let me come home because Drew promised to feed me, give me the medication they prescribed, and monitor my symptoms. I am so thankful for that – who can get any rest in a hospital?

I know you Americans want to know what’s different about the A&E. It’s your lucky day.
– Admission paperwork: I wrote my name, birthdate, and post code on a scrap of paper. For real.
– Waiting Room: I waited less than three minutes to be seen by an intake nurse.
– Staff Allocation: I saw three nurses, one student nurse, one @$*h^£3, one ER doctor, and one specialist.
– Quality of Care: Acceptable. Not stellar, not a failure, but I could make some suggestions.
– Overall Assessment: The NHS is low on frills but I do appreciate the time I was given with the doctor and the specialist. I would like to advocate for the increased usage of the alcohol swab, aseptic technique, and the butterfly device for drawing blood. It would also behoove the staff and patients for antiseptic cleaners to be available in all patient areas and for all staff to have sensitivity training. The sensitivity training comment is really directed to the one @$*h^£3, but in my crotchety old age I did find myself wishing to be looked after by older people. When did I turn 73?!

So, if you’ve been a good girl a friend brings you flowers when you are sent home from A&E.

And cakes.

With a side of crayons, a coloring book, and hard to find medical supplies.

If you are a really good girl, your friends and family send you an outpouring of the sweetest messages on the planet. You people are the bestest.

I know that my turning tragedy into comedy makes some people nervous; it does seem irreverent even to me. But my sister gave me permission this morning saying, ‘Consider it pure joy…when you face trials of many kinds’ (James 1:2). It is all we can do to look forward, look after others, and reach out. Drew and I feel very loved.

This post is brought to you by Tylenol with Codeine. And Nurse Drew.

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