Yeah She Did

Look what Amber found!

peanut onesie from amber

Adorable : ) We. Are. Stoked. Thanks Mrs. Lill; I can hardly wait for Peanut to wear it! (I was obviously so excited I couldn’t iron it before putting it on the blog. Please forgive me–I am pregnant after all–Delirium and Heartburn are my two closest companions. Humility hardly comes around to visit these days…)

Songs About Jane

When that big truck left a bump on my head, Jane got a very bright idea.  A very bright idea, indeed.

120 crayons

Just look at them…
close up crayons

They are absolutely lovely.  I spent an hour arranging them by color.  Ok, I was sniffing them.  It is almost the exact same thing.

In contrast, there was this apron; you might see how these things compliment each other.


And then this…  Oh, how I love them.

See Jane outdo herself.  Why should I be so loved?